Commercient Helps Miller Plastic on the Road to Efficiency 

Aqua’s song got it right, “life in plastic is fantastic.” There are so many applications for plastic that make our life so much richer. It is also a necessary tool in many aspects of life that keep us safe or used to create things that ensure our safety. Miller Plastic Products, is a leading plastic manufacturer focused on precision machines, and fabricates plastic products and components. Along with Commercient and Salesforce Professional, they improved their efficiency and processes. 

Miller Plastic Products was founded in 1969 by Donald Miller, Sr., who had a dream and a garage. Over the next 5 decades, it transformed into the multi-million dollar corporation that we know today. An industry leader in the fabrication and precision machining of plastic products. With a company such as theirs they needed help in making their processes more efficient and be able to actually access their data. 

The first thing that needed to be done was a change in CRM. The answer to their problem was Salesforce Professional, the top CRM in the world to help them improve managing opportunities, customers, etc.

“It’s definitely going to increase the efficiency of our sales, and increase communication

and contact with potential customers and current customers,” said Tim Zeliesko, COO at Miller Plastic Products. “I see a lot less things slipping through the cracks with Salesforce.”

The Road to Efficiency 

Since their goal is to be able to access their data they needed a way to actually do that. How can they access their JobBOSS data directly from Salesforce? Well that’s where Commercient comes in by SYNCing their ERP and CRM data.

Commercient SYNC is the #1 data integration platform for sales, and gives the team at Miller Plastic Products a 360-degree view of sales, customers, and marketing. This gives them access to aspects like customer information, sales order history, invoicing, and packlist details. Plus they have the advantage that new accounts and quotes created in CRM are SYNC’d to ERP, which is a big time saver.

“If a customer ordered something a few years ago, and we want to see that historical data,

we can get that information pretty fast in Salesforce thanks to SYNC,” said Zeliesko

Another wonderful  is that they can look up historical sales data because their  historical sales data SYNC’d from JobBOSS to Salesforce which helps the sales team with their customer quotes. SYNC also assists the company with projections and forecasting.

“SYNC really helps when it gets down to the quoting aspect to quickly be able to pull up

information from previous jobs and similar jobs,” said Zeliesko.

This process helps them be more efficient in their quoting and their sales which in turn helps their company improve.