Why You Should Choose Commercient To Overcome Obstacles To Digital Transformation

Did you know that the average organization uses several individual applications across their business? A recent report * shows that 89% of ITDMs (Integrated Technology and Device Manufacturers) believe that integration challenges are “slowing or hindering digital transformation in their organization.”

It also reveals that, “81% said point-to-point integration had created the biggest IT headaches they had seen.” The respondents cited “taking up too much time and resource (71%), taking too long for integrations to happen (58%), and difficulties in deploying applications across cloud and on-premise (52%)” as the biggest headaches that were caused by point-to-point integration.

How then can you overcome the obstacles of digital transformation? In this blog, we’ll show you why you should choose Commercient and our apps SYNC and IoT Pulse, to overcome one of the biggest obstacles to digital transformation – integration.

Deep History In Integration

If you’re looking for an integration partner with a deep history in the business, choose Commercient. The company began primarily developing integration apps for ERP and CRM systems, in our mission to simplify data integration between accounting and sales software. To date, we have formed a strategic alliance with companies such as Salesforce and Microsoft 365, and our partner family has grown to include businesses like Sage, SYSPRO, Oracle, and many others.

Commercient is also a Trusted Salesforce Partner, and recently one of our apps, Commercient SYNC, was recognized as an Acumatica-Certified Application (ACA), making it the only certified solution for integration recognized by both Acumatica and Salesforce. Our SYNC integration grown to over 65 systems, including Sage, QuickBooks, Acumatica, Epicor, SAP, SYSPRO, etc. And the number of ERP’s, CRM’s, and apps we integrate with SYNC and IoT Pulse is always growing, so our customers can harness the power of the cloud for more productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

Strong Reputation

Not only does Commercient have a deep history in integration, but we also have a strong reputation. You need an integration partner who can back up their statements with facts and proven success stories with reputable client, so here is what Baylis Medical, one of our clients, had to say about us:

“For me, the best part about Commercient is the reasonable pricing, yet quality customer support. They don’t argue what can’t be done, they just make it happen. Very satisfied with the results.” You can see more of our customer testimonials on our homepage.

Rapid Deployment

If you want to get up and running with the least amount of effort, Commercient can install the SYNC app for your company, and have you up and running in very little time, compared to traditional ETL tools. We champion rapid deployment, and eliminate the need for third-party toolkits for a quick and easy integration experience.

No Coding Required

Not only do we support rapid deployment, but our integrations are easy to implement and don’t require mapping or coding. This means you can avoid hand-coding your integrations, as custom code introduces unnecessary complexity, requiring testing, regression testing and extensive maintenance overhead. Our integrations will help you reduce integration costs by up to 80%.

Ongoing Support

Along with having a deep history in integration and a strong reputation, at Commercient we also provide our customers with quality ongoing support. So, you don’t have to worry about waiting days to get to response via email regarding a problem that may arise. You can reach us via, phone, email, or live chat about any our integration apps 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Are you ready to move forward with Commercient to connect your apps and get ahead of the digital transformation challenges? We want to help you!

* Source:  2018 Connectivity Benchmark Report


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