Why you need to stop using spreadsheets: AccuTec Blades ERP and CRM data integration success

Why you need to stop using spreadsheets: AccuTec Blades ERP and CRM data integration success

Did you know that a lack of cohesion can lead to trouble down the road? The problems that come with data scattered in countless spreadsheets, which makes it difficult to keep track of the sales pipeline. Quantity tends to overcome quality because you open one spreadsheet, and then you open another, then another… And so it goes. 

Soon enough you can’t even remember what information is in which spreadsheet. So you’re stuck open a mountain of spreadsheets until you find the one thing you actually need. Well, that is — if you manage to find it before the frustration overwhelms you. 

One company that had this problem is AccuTec Blades, and thanks to Commercient SYNC ERP and CRM data integration, their processes have been streamlined. And Salesforce helped eliminate the use of spreadsheets.

This company was founded in 1875 under the name Star Razor Company. They started with razors and then moved up to bigger things, and with that move came a change of location. They went from Brooklyn to Virginia. 

Their products went from razors to high-performance blades and other bladed products. The name changed in 2015, and they serve multiple industries like Manufacturing, Flooring, Medical Device Manufacturing, Food Processing, and, of course, Medical. Making blades is in their DNA and they have the legacy to prove it. 

But what about their software? 

What could they get that wasn’t complicated for their team and could actually help them in their business? First, they went with Plex Online, a great manufacturing ERP system, and then they chose Salesforce Professional, which was very useful in their journey to modernize and streamline their processes. 

“Salesforce helps move our team away from spreadsheets, which are great for certain things” explained Garnett Andes, Director of IT at AccuTec Blades.

“However, it’s much easier and more powerful to be working in Salesforce than juggling emails and spreadsheets.”

With Plex Online and Salesforce, they have made great progress. But how could they bring the two systems together? There’s power in systems talking to each other, and that’s where Commercient SYNC comes in to help steer the ship in the right direction. 

SYNC gives the team at AccuTec Blades immediate access to their Plex data right in Salesforce, including customer accounting records, sales history, invoicing, item master, price level, inventory, contacts, and more.

Plus, to help eliminate double data entry, any new sales orders and accounts created in Salesforce are SYNC’d to Plex. This also ensures the accuracy of data.

 “Commercient gives our salespeople what they need by bringing Plex data to Salesforce. They have visibility of what’s in the pipeline and what they’re working on with quotes,” explained Garnett Andes. “SYNC helps to get us down to two systems.” 

“We have the tools in the box to handle the new economy that we are going after,” said Andes. “And we’re heading in the direction we want to go as a company.”

Are you envisioning a different direction for your business? The right tools will make it all easier! Contact us to schedule a free demo and see how SYNC can help you to get where your company wants to be.