Why You Need To Connect Salesforce With ERP Software

Picture this: your top salesperson is visiting a client’s manufacturing facility. The purchasing lead for your customer asks your salesperson several specific questions that need quick answers, like: “Do you have part A123 in stock? If so, how many? How soon can it be shipped and delivered? What’s the cost of all the above?”

Is your salesperson going to be able to pull out their mobile device and give your client the answers they need right there on the spot? If you’ve connected your Salesforce CRM to your ERP software using a data integration app like Commercient SYNC for example, the answer is yes.

Integrating Salesforce with ERP software allows you complete synchronization within your organizationtransparency between sales team activity and back office information. This kind of 360-degree information creates a single hub of information for you to center operations around and grow your business.

Two Big Reasons To Connect Salesforce With ERP Software

Let’s look into the envisioned scenario above a little more. If Salesforce has been connected with an ERP using a data integration application, the salesperson can whip out their mobile phone and check inventory stock, orders, and other back office data so they could answer all of the client’s questions. As a result:

  1. The salesperson would also be able to offer other information like bulk discounts or express shipping rates. If you can provide your client with all of this almost instantly you can probably expect to have a happy client and money in your pocket pretty soon.

    Salesforce is a premier CRM provider. The critical data you store and keep organized in Salesforce helps you serve customers better. But when you connect that data to the information in your ERP system you can raise the bar for providing excellent customer service even higher.
  2. Connecting Salesforce with an ERP will provide you with an insight into your customers from their initial interest straight through to sale. You’ll be able to review what marketing efforts got them hooked, what sales tactics kept them on the line, how you reeled ‘em in (what they ordered), and if they might come buy something again.

    In other words, you’ll be able to use all of your connected information to nurture and re-engage customers.

Bottom Line

If you want to improve how your business uses software and deliver more efficient processes, you should strongly consider connecting Salesforce with your ERP software. It makes everything better in the end. With a full integration, you can better shape the way your ERP (or accounting, whichever) works to the way your team works. You’ll empower your employees to do their job supported by the most powerful information available.

If you’re considering connecting Salesforce CRM to an ERPor you’ve already done so but are considering switching up your ERP softwareCommercient has the experts and applications you need to accomplish this.

Get in touch today to talk more about Commercient Sync and connecting Salesforce to your favorite ERP or check us out on the Salesforce AppExchange.