Why You Need to Backup Your Sales and Marketing Data

Throughout the year, there is the potential for natural disasters to occur anywhere, such as hurricanes, flooding, and more. In addition, the rate at which cyber-attacks occur is increasing by the minute, which means businesses everywhere must make efforts to protect their data, including sales and marketing information. After all, the loss of business data can not only have a crippling financial effect on a business, but could also cause the business to fail altogether. That being said, here are three reasons you’ll want to make sure you backup your sales and marketing data.

Full Protection From Disasters

Since natural disasters can happen unexpectedly, both anytime and anywhere, full protection of your data is necessary. That protection will help keep your business from failing, as statistics from FEMA indicate that 40% of businesses fail to open after suffering a natural disaster, and an additional 25% fail within a year.

By investing in cloud-based services and apps like our Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse data integration apps, you can get full protection of your sales and marketing data from unforeseen calamities. Because not only is the data in the cloud encrypted, but it is backed up frequently and automatically, and is stored at a remote and safe location.

So, if something unexpected were to happen, such as a natural disaster, you can be back up and running within minutes from any computer with an internet connection. Thus, investing in cloud-based apps will give you that extra peace of mind, because you won’t have to worry about the possibility of losing valuable information due to a natural disaster or on-premise server meltdown.

Quick Recovery Of Files & Data

Backing up your data gives you the ability to restore your data quickly if you lose it, and this is especially important if your business stores information for customers. Cloud-based services provide quick data recovery for all kinds of unexpected events, from natural disasters to power outages to on-premise hardware failures.

For example, because our Commercient SYNC app is a cloud-based application, it provides you with a safe and secure environment for integrating the data between your accounting, sales and marketing systems. This means important data like customer records, sales order, line items, invoices, payment records, inventory availability, and price levels is backed up and will be available at your fingertips instantly even if the computers at your office are damaged due to a disaster. Your reps will still be able to access this data no matter where and serve your customers like normal.

Avoid Duplicate Work

If you want to avoid having to do work twice, you will want to consider cloud-based apps, which also offer a way to backup that data. The more employees you have collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and more, the greater the need for good document control.

Before the cloud, employees had to send files back and forth as email attachments to be worked on by one user at a time. Services like Dropbox helped this to a degree, but there wasn’t any true cloud collaboration. And this could leave you with a mess of conflicting file content and formats, which means you’ll have to do twice the work to make sure content and formats match. Especially if you have contractors using different document apps, like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.

When you invest in cloud-based services and apps, all files are stored centrally and everyone sees one version of the truth which means you can avoid doing work twice. Many popular apps allow cloud creation and collaboration of documents, such as Google Docs, and anyone with access in your office can participate.

Another example is not having to manually put in new customer orders into your CRM and ERP systems. Instead, our Commercient SYNC app eliminates the need for duplicate work, because once an order is entered into the CRM, the data will SYNC’d into your ERP, and it’ll all be backed up in the cloud. Your staff will have more time to focus on new sales and business, from anywhere they might be located.

Want to learn more about securing your sales and marketing data in the cloud, and the power of data integration? Check out our Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse apps, and contact us today.

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