Why We Love Newsletters and Why You Should, Too!

A newsletter can help you take your business to new heights. In addition to being a powerful marketing tool that you can use to maintain ongoing connection with contacts (both prospective and existing customers), newsletters are a great way to keep your customers informed and give them added value in the form of interesting content and valuable tips. In this article, we’ll give you a first-hand look at why we love newsletters, and why you should too!


Drive More Sales

If you’re not sending out regular newsletters, you may be missing out on sales. According to Jay Baer at Convince&Convert, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.

You can advertise your company’s new products and services in your newsletters, and explain the benefits of each product or service. And, if you use our IoT Pulse app, you can send out these emails instantly, even when your customers input a new order or generate a new invoice – it provides integration with tools such as MailChimp and InfusionSoft, so you can send new product information and triggered-based content to all your customers. This will help you send content aligned with their own interests, in addition to a more generalized newsletter, and help you increase conversions.

With newsletters, you can also increase the number of referrals, since your customers who are connected with you will be more likely to forward copies of your newsletter to others.


Connect With More Customers

We love newsletters because they allow you to connect with more customers in engaging and creative ways. According to a Return Path study, “When newsletters deliver great content and follow email best practices, they help marketers measurably strengthen subscriber engagement and stay connected to their audiences.” Newsletters will help you bring more repeat customers, and turn prospects into clients.


Boost Website Traffic

In addition to allowing you to connect with more customers, newsletters can also help you increase the amount of traffic to your website. In your newsletters, you can include a teaser of what your latest blog post is about, and link back to the blog post. You may also include links to a press release, to information on an upcoming event, or an informative page which will help drive recipients back to your website, and helping to improve your search engine presence.  Including links to key pages on your site, will make it easier for your readers to find specific content and keep your brand in their minds, which will help boost the number of returning visitors to your site.


Increase Social Media Following

According to GetResponse report, emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate. So, if you send out e-newsletters regularly, be sure to include your social media icons in the email, or direct links to follow your accounts. Subscribers could get curious and start to check out your pages, and eventually, your website. Newsletters are a great way to help grow your social media presence.


Save Money

Another reason we love newsletters is because they are cost-effective to produce and distribute, making them an ideal marketing tool for small businesses. By sending out newsletters regularly, you can help save money on marketing, printing, postage, labor and other overhead costs, and reach your prospects and customers inbox.



Newsletters are without a doubt a great way to remind customers to learn more about you, and increase your business. If you’d like to learn more about IoT Pulse, SYNC, or any of our other products or services, contact us.

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