Data silos are a major obstacle to performance and customer experience for 90% of organizations, according to Mulesoft’s 2022 Connectivity Benchmark report. Organizations that keep pushing on without solving this issue are likely to fall behind their competition in their ability to provide an excellent customer experience.

By implementing data integration, for instance, between Pipedrive’s CRM and Quickbooks Desktop, organizations can effectively manage business processes, in real time. Yet, with the current fast change rate, a company cannot rely on data engineers spending lengthy amounts of time on the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process of integrating data.

Thus, real-time data integration has become necessary across departments to make better, informed decisions and reduce wastages of time and effort. Some of these reasons call for your organization to integrate Pipedrive CRM and Quickbooks Desktop/Online for increasing the overall efficiency across two major departments – customer relationship and accounting.

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Let’s take a deeper look into why integrating Pipedrive and Quickbooks using Commercient SYNC will be of great benefit to your business:

  • Pipedrive can create invoices for your business –

Because a crucial step to closing the deal is sending an invoice, streamlining this process will decrease the burden on your accounting department. Now with Pipedrive and Quickbooks Desktop integration through SYNC, your sales team can create and send invoices directly to the customer to request payments. The centralization of this task will also lead to shorter payment cycles and more cash flow for your business.

For a healthcare business that provides innovative health procedures related to women’s intimate health, this means saving huge amounts of time and effort.

Tim Hagan, director of information technology, Viveve Inc, says that implementing SYNC to integrate QuickBooks Desktop and CR, has helped them reduce duplication of effort and errors. Hagan further added, “Our data is centralized, so our sales team can just work in HubSpot, and it becomes the ‘system of truth’.”

  • Customer Satisfaction multi-fold –

Answering customer queries and solving their issues leads to improved potential and existing customer satisfaction. Integrating Pipedrive and Quickbooks leads your customer support representatives to have all the necessary information to quickly answer questions without going through other departments and requesting information. This real-time knowledge helps in having more informed calls, higher conversions, and creating a loyal customer base for your company.

A leading soft serve machine cleaning company, Hydra Rinse, uses SYNC’d QuickBooks Desktop data to track orders and invoices, including ship date, ship method, and contact phone in CRM. This means the sales team can provide better service for their customers when they need it. For some, it also means better reporting for salespeople through convenient access to accounting records and invoice payments.

“SYNCing QuickBooks Desktop and our CRM data with Commercient helps us quickly see what parts our customer needs and when they got their machines and check for warranties, while the customer is on a call”, says Hannah Jonasse, marketing operations specialist at Hydra Rinse LLC.

  • Reduced costs and increased profitability –

Better collaboration across departments and a connected workforce mean more productivity and reduction in costs leading to higher profits. When your Pipedrive CRM and QuickBooks Desktop/Online work together, the whole team can work inclusively to achieve more. This seamless workforce integration also helps in avoiding duplication of work and double data entry.

According to the Institute for Corporate Productivity, 40% of high-performance organizations that have high revenue growth, and excel at profitability and market share, are shifting at a very high degree to more integrated team-based work. More interconnected and engaged employees lead to 17% higher productivity, 21% higher profitability, and 18% higher customer ratings, as stated by Haiilo.

Businesses that tend to use ERPs and CRMs separately should now focus on creating a safe environment where teams can actively work and take part cross-functionally, by integrating Pipedrive CRM and QuickBooks Desktop/Online.

  • QuickBooks can create records from Pipedrive –

SYNCing bi-directionally (QuickBooks to Pipedrive and Pipedrive to QuickBooks) allows you to create vendor and customer records in QuickBooks automatically. With QuickBooks SYNC’d with Pipedrive, your accounts department will have accurate information about the customer, and their purchases, and also be ASC606 or IFRS 15 (New accounting standard) compliant. This 360-degree integration also allows the accounting executives to be more empowered within the organization by giving them access to the entire business data. Additionally, this will lead to more data-driven processes and data-backed results for your business.

For a company that makes the safest and most efficient flow testing equipment in the industry, this means that its accounting team can save time and have better productivity each day. 

Alex de Lucena, Network Administrator, and Purchasing Manager, at IPM (Now Newtek Technology Solutions, NTS), says Commercient SYNC’s important data from Salesforce CPQ to QuickBooks Desktop, automatically. This includes new and updated accounts, CPQ orders, order details, and order products and helps the company in saving a lot of time and possible errors.

  • Lower training costs –

The seamless flow of data and unified systems directly impacts the costs of training and other IT overheads, leading to a significant reduction. When Pipedrive CRM and QuickBooks Desktop/online work together and not as separate software, you can train your team about both at the same time. This will also increase their understanding of core business goals and learn how to take important actions that might affect other departments.

According to Training Magazine’s 2021 Training Industry Report, an organization on average spends 55.4 hours and around $1,071 per employee every year.

The significant cost can be cut if businesses tend to shift towards integrating their systems, including Pipedrive and QuickBooks, and make it easy for them to remember the knowledge gained through the training sessions.

  • Forecasts, Predictions, and Business Intelligence –

Real-time data and access to year-on-year or recent financial transactions layout better chances of accurate financial plans. Integrating Pipedrive and QuickBooks leads to accurate reporting of your business based on set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The comprehensive view of financial and customer data also allows for making informed decisions related to demand and supply.

For a hardwood floor installation company, refinishing and restoration company, this means that their sales team does not have to look through accruals reports or any other report because the QuickBooks data is automatically synced to their CRM.

Ryan Christopher, general manager at SVB Wood Floors, says that he and his team don’t have to look at historical data of particular accounts and then add that to Hubspot CRM, which helps in making quicker decisions. Christopher further added, “We can do an accurate forecast, and see where our sales goals should be, for example.”

Moving forward on no-code integration using Commercient SYNC:

Understanding the importance of integrating Pipedrive CRM and QuickBooks Desktop/Online was the first step, now, the second is why Commercient SYNC. Because of the complexity of code involved in some other platforms, and SYNC being the only one that integrates QuickBooks Desktop along with 109 other ERPs with Pipedrive CRM, it gives you a cost-effective way to run your back-end and front-end. You can be at ease while your business and teams operate smoothly.

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