What Your Business Could Be Like Without The Internet of Things

Today the Internet of Things is a big thing for small businesses, and if you’re thinking about investing in IoT, perhaps this blog will help you take that next step. After all, in the digital age, we’re sure you don’t want to be the business left behind. Here is what your business could be like if you don’t invest in the Internet of Things.

Low Productivity

If you don’t invest in IoT technologies now, you’ll definitely experience low productivity in at your business. For example, with Commercient IoT Pulse, you can connect your ERP system to over 815 other business applications, and automate tasks like sending out emails instantly when customers input a new order, or generate a new invoice.

Without IoT Pulse, all your sales and customer data will remain siloed, which means your employees would have to spend more time searching for information. Moreover, without investing in IoT solutions, a task that can be carried out in only 30 minutes, might take an hour or more to carry out, which leaves less time for your employees to be productive and carry out additional tasks.

Higher Costs

As IoT solutions can help you save tons of money, you’ll have higher costs without them. For example, IoT solutions like IoT Pulse allow you connect all your business applications, including MailChimp, Gmail, WordPress, timecard apps, marketing, and CRMs such as Daylite, to your ERP system to automate tasks.

With all your apps connected to your accounting software, you’ll be able to troubleshoot, rule out problems, and make decisions anytime and anywhere – whether you’re at home or traveling. Data and alerts can be sent directly to your computer or mobile device detailing the status of a customer’s order, appointments, invoices, employees’ hours, and much more.

Loss Of Competitive Edge

There is so much competition in the market, brands are regularly making strategies based on the latest trends of the Internet of Things to stay ahead. It means that you just can’t afford to ignore Internet of Things if you want to gain competitive advantage. These technologies can help you increase productivity, cut costs, offer new products and services, and deploy new business models.

If you invest in IoT platforms such as IoT Pulse, you’ll be more likely to strengthen your reputation, and provide better customer experiences serving your customers anytime and anywhere.

Are you convinced yet about IoT and want to know more about Commercient IoT Pulse, how you can be more productive, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge? Let’s talk.

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