Weekly Tech News, Week of May 15-19, 2017

Windows haters, back off. Yes, I know that the tech giant is far from perfect.  I mean, Windows Vista?! Awful.  They have redeemed themselves beyond all recognition in recent weeks, though. First, they unveiled a bunch of amazing new tech at the Microsoft Build Conference this year.  If any of it works as well as promised, detractors may soon become avid fans.

The coolest thing they came out with is an intelligent, intuitive video editing program which is a mix of machine learning (AI) and apps called the Microsoft Story Remix. At first glance, it just seems like another video editing tool–but Microsoft didn’t stop there.  It doesn’t just collect and edit your media. Editing tools and integration with Microsoft’s Remix 3D service add “mixed reality” digital images and animations to your projects. You can choose a highlighted “star” for you movie, and remix it instantly. It then adds a soundtrack from MS Groove Music service, and you have a stellar video worthy of Cannes.  Early reviews on the product have been universally good, which is pretty unusual in the tech world.  Here is a video of Story Remix in action.


The tech giant also introduced a universal clipboard and some new mixed-reality motion controllers. 

And on that note, Google’s ginormous dev conference, Google IO 2017, is next week. Rumors are swirling about what the folks at Google will have to present. If you can’t go this year, fear not–the entire event will be live-streamed so that tech nuts short on cash flow can still get their fix. Regardless, it should be nirvana for fans of the search-engine giant. Reports of improvements to previous Google products are in the works.  In addition, the company has announced the release of Android O–we don’t know what delicious dessert will bear its namesake yet. There has also been talk of adding phone calling to Google home, as well as other features.  We will definitely be tuning in to the live stream!