Weekly Tech Blog, Week of June 5-9, 2017

Drones might save the planet.  A Seattle-based company called Droneseed might have a solution to make reforestation scalable.  Right now, a skilled worker can plant about 800 seeds per day, but the automated drones can plant about 800 seeds per hour. In addition, finding laborers for tree-planting jobs is difficult because it is backbreaking work. The pay for these employees is very high because of the physical toll. The company has created specialty drones to complete reforestation tasks in a matter of days. According to the company website, the drones can survey and map a site in a few days. They also state one drone can seed half an acre of land in a single run. The project is still in the R&D stage; but if it proves viable, the company can reduce the costs of reforesting by ten times. In addition, it could make replacing valuable trees in delicate ecosystems like the Brazilian rainforest much easier.  I will report back as more news about this remarkable technology comes out.

Your cheat sheet to the best of Google I/O. Google being Google, the tech giant had a plenitude of new tech to unveil at their annual developer conference.  The best by far, though, is the AI that the company is developing.  Google lens smartphone camera has a passel of possibilities.  According to the folks at Google, the smartphone camera will not only take pictures of an image, it will comprehend the image and assist you with further action. In the demo, they showed a picture of a flower and then identified said flower for the user. The camera can also do plenty of other useful things. It can connect you automatically to wifi simply by taking a picture of the stickers on the router. There is also the possibility of connecting the app into Google assistant, which means that it can do things like add events to your calendar; translate text; get reviews of a local restaurant, and in turn score reservations at that restaurant.  All of this can be done just by clicking a quick picture of these things.  If it is as intuitive as the demo made it out to be, the Google lens may be the best thing the company has created in a while.  

Chevy finally put on some big-boy pants. I grew up with an unabashed gearhead for a father, so I have always had an appreciation for great cars, even if I don’t share my dad’s formidable knowledge. Normally, I would associate the Camaro with boys in my hometown who wore camo on dates and had an omnipresent ring in their back pockets from cans of dip. All that has changed. Chevy has come out with the throaty, tire-searing Camaro GT4.R, and the thing is everything a great American muscle car should be. With a gigantic 6.2-liter LT1 small block V8 engine, adjustable traction control and a six-speed sequential Xtrac transmission, this car screams. Stevenson Motorsports debuted it at the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series. Here is a video of the beauty in action.

Did you know that Commercient has created its own IoT integration app? Take a look at the possibilities!