Top 4 Ways To Grow Your Business With Innovative Technology

Innovative technology has become a competitive edge that wields the power to drive business success and accelerate profits exponentially. Large corporations such as Laurentide Controls and Sentury Tire, credit a large portion of their success to technology upgrades that revealed new and innovative ways of doing business. Their business success is proof that the long-term benefits of investing in technology far outweighs the cost.

Leverage The Power of Technology

1. Enable Easy Access to Data By Integrating Business Systems

Many corporations today are burdened by multiple business systems that aren’t connected, which can complicate processes and hinder operations. Using these systems, like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, can result in siloed databases. Extracting data for reports from multiple systems becomes a time-consuming process that produces outdated, less valuable information.

The most effective way to bring together and analyze data in real-time is to integrate business systems. Integration allows a company to unlock the true value of business data, and transforms it into meaningful and valuable information which is critical in today’s data-driven world.

Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, connects sales and accounting systems, enabling easy access to data by allowing a company to view all the data stored in these systems on one platform. Businesses can view ERP data directly within CRM, giving real-time visibility into the overall performance of operations.

Your data is updated in real-time in both your ERP and CRM software simultaneously, and can be accessed from any system on any device, ensuring that the right data is delivered to the right people, every time.

This data, from ERP to CRM, includes customer information, sales history, terms, serial numbers, inventory, invoicing info, etc. From CRM to ERP, new accounts, customers and invoices are SYNC’d.

Hilton Cordero, Territory Sales Manager of Sentury Tire, a leading tire manufacturer, turned to Commercient SYNC to help give visibility of vital sales data to his team, which would otherwise be stuck in Sage 100.

By integrating Sage 100 and Salesforce, Commercient SYNC provided clarity to all the vital data in Sage 100 for report building, and drastically reduced an 8 hour process to just a mere hour, saving the team hours of data entry work every day.

Cordero explained that he would only get quarterly reports until SYNC was implemented: “I can now get reports from Sage 100 up-to-the-minute, and I can look into my reports once a day now.”

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2. Adopt a Customer-Focused Approach and Use Customer Data to Increase Sales

Operating since 1968, Québec-based Laurentide Controls Ltd. is the recognized leading provider of automation, measurement, process control, and reliability solutions to industries in Eastern Canada.As part of their key strategy, Laurentide Controls implemented Salesforce to help modernize their sales system, and increase overall sales and efficiency.

“One of the reasons we decided to go with Salesforce was the ability to include [ERP] data in it, such as during an integration with our IFS system,” explained Simon Chapleau, CIO at Laurentide Controls.

That need for integration to get important customer data from IFS into Salesforce led them to Commercient SYNC, which can be deployed rapidly, is affordable, and features premiere support. Commercient SYNC helped Laurentide Controls increase revenue and provide better customer service.

Simon Chapleau, CIO at Laurentide Controls, discussed how Commercient SYNC has helped qualify Opportunities in Salesforce.

“It’s allowed us to get the data out of the silos [from IFS], and make it available to our [inside sales team in real-time]… to make a decision right away, whether that opportunity is worth pursuing, or that customer is worth pursuing,” he explained. Chapleau went on to say the company’s sales teams have been able to increase their Opportunity Win Rates, which is helping to close more deals.

Commercient SYNC also helped their outside sales team. “[Customer data] is available for them on their mobile device, in real-time,” Chapleau said. “They know what cases are open, what orders are open, what orders are being delayed for some reason or not, what service requests are open, which one is at a critical stage… [Our sales teams] are able to track what’s happening in real-time, and intervene and facilitate things.

Chapleau also commended Commercient’s premier support team: “It has been great, really helpful in aiding us in setting it up. They’re very responsive and always there to help when we needed it. [Support also helped with] understanding the data, how to SYNC it, how to make it available in Salesforce in a way that makes sense.”

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3. Optimize Business Processes

Implementing new technologies designed to improve efficiencies and optimize business processes makes a significant contribution to managing costs. Commercient SYNC helps boost employee productivity and allows them to work more efficiently.Commercient helped Sentury Tire to optimize their sales processes by integrating their sales and accounting systems. Prior to Commercient SYNC, their remote sales team didn’t have access to important data in Sage 100.

“There was no visibility to the information, which only lived in Sage 100,” said Hilton Cordero. “The sales team would have to manually search through emails, and sometimes an email might be forgotten, and [Commercient’s bi-directional SYNC] gives visibility of Sage 100 to the entire sales team.”

With Salesforce, Sage 100, and Commercient’s two-way SYNC, Sentury Tire now have efficient, streamlined processes.

4. Make Your Business Part of The Internet of Things

Commercient’s IoT Pulse enables companies to take productivity to new heights by automating your migration, via an integration of your ERP to the internet and with more than 1,100 internet apps for your ERP. Integrating data across all of your business systems with Commercient’s IoT Pulse will help promote productivity and allow the automation of daily tasks.

In Conclusion

By combining business and technology expertise, Commercient helps industry leaders by providing leading data integration technology designed to drive results and increase profits. Contact us today to find out how we can bring you closer to making your next billion.

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