Top 4 Questions To Ask Data Integration Vendors Before You Buy

Choosing the right data integration vendor can be a difficult task if you’re looking to integrate your data and applications. With so many vendors out there, you might be wondering how to properly consider the right one for your business. After all, you want to buy a system that is sustainable both now and in the future. To help you make the right choice for your business, we’ve compiled a list of some helpful questions you should ask integration vendors before deciding to buy.

Is The System Scalable?

When considering a data integration vendor, an important question to ask if their software is scalable. Many times, systems are great in the beginning, but what happens when more data or more users are added? Will the system’s performance be the same?

Asking these questions will help you ensure that if your business needs change in the future, or if your business experiences growth, the software can adapt.

At Commercient, we develop integration apps (e.g., SYNC, IoT Pulse, and Sync2Pay) for ERP and CRM systems which are cloud-based. Your business can scale-up or down whenever you want to meet your needs, without affecting the performance of the overall connection.

Does It Work Well With Legacy Systems?

Another question to ask integration vendors before you buy is whether or not the their integration solution works well with legacy systems. In the early days, ETLs (extract, transform, load) gained traction and were used to consolidate data, and move it between systems, all without investing in expensive storage systems. However, according to InetSoft, ETLs “aren’t that great at near-real time or on-demand data access, where you have a need for quick response.”

With Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse, there’s no need to invest in ETL. With IoT Pulse, our goal is to simplify the integration process so that everyone can use the power of APIs with their ERP and accounting software, by connecting it to thousands of Internet apps and devices.

How Is Support Handled After The Implementation?

Since every system requires support from the vendor, you should also ask each vendor about support options and costs. For example, what are the hours of support and what kind of support will they provide when requested? Also, what do other customers have to say about their level of service during the integration? Your vendor should be flexible in the support area and should be able to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Commercient is always ready to connect you with a skilled expert to answer your questions and solve your problems should any arise. Our specialists are available globally Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day, to assist you with questions and troubleshooting regarding any of our apps or services. We’re here to support you.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

There are so many vendors offering solutions to integrate your data and applications, and that number seems to be growing daily. Even new startups are offering trendy integration solutions to meet needs of customers. Thus, you need to be smart and try considering vendors who have been in the integration market for a longer period of time (i.e., they should have a positive reputation and proven track record).

The number of years an integration vendor has been in the market directly reflects the amount of experience and know-how it has in deploying and implementing integration apps successfully. One of the first questions you should ask is how long they have been in business, and also take a look at their owners and investors to see how much experience they truly have with data integration.

Commercient has been offering data integration for businesses for many years. The industries we’ve been integrating include manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, financial services, technology, and so much more.

Ready to integrate your data with Commercient SYNC or IoT Pulse? Contact us today for a demo.


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