Top 3 Ways To Enhance Customer Experience

Customer expectations go beyond the product and service-demanding experiences that relate to the brand in more ways than before. An improved customer journey is at the core of Customer Experience.

With businesses increasingly moving to the cloud, customer experience is a fundamental requirement of every marketing strategy. It takes center stage in the fiercely competitive business world, and is expected to become the number one differential even over price and product. Customers have become very demanding, and loyalty is no longer a simple association with the name of a brand anymore.

Agility and speed are the qualities everyone is looking for, with no customer willing to wait long  for anything, be it information or solving a problem. To meet the renewed mindset of people, companies are going out of their way to deliver quick responses and quick solutions.

Latest business models revolve around acquiring and retaining customers to attract the market share of competitors. These companies are stopping short of nothing to ensure the customer receives the best value for money. The popular strategies include adopting new technologies such as voice assistants, Chatbots, drone deliveries, and more.


Chatbots benefit not just the brand but also customers in more ways than one. Their biggest benefit is saving on valuable time as most chatbots integrate with the company website or mobile apps. No need to spend time browsing for standard answers or FAQ’s as these are generally available with Chatbots.

In case you are in urgent need for specific information, chatbots can become the most reliable source as they usually work 24/7, unlike humans. Responses are simple, easy to understand and clear as these are in text form. Chatbots are masters at repetitive tasks, and tedium doesn’t bore them or reduce their efficiency.

Some surveys suggest that customers welcome the use of Chatbots to satisfy certain tasks that are currently in the human domain. Most felt that these bots could eliminate the problems they encountered when trying to get across customer support in call centers. IVR’s can be time-consuming and annoying, and with Chatbots, this step can be eliminated. A case in point is our very own Chatbot Ruby, from the Commercient Innovation team, who is always ready to help any visitor to our website. Simple and easy!

Other positives of leveraging Chatbots include quick resolution of issues and almost zero waiting time for replies, making the entire customer service process seamless and pleasant. Brands can put the versatile functionality of Chatbots to good use when trying to engage with customers.

Whether it is technical support, accounts or sales information, your Chatbots can be programmed to converse and take on different personalities that may fit in with the brand’s image or service needs.

To learn more about how Chatbots can help your business and enhance customer experience, please read this blog at Edgeware, a partner of Commercient’s, who can help you get started with Chatbots.

Predictive Analytics or Commerce

As the name suggests, predictive commerce is a study of the purchasing behaviors of the customer, with relation to product, place or channel. This allows you to understand your customer better, and involves a whole lot of analysis from next purchase to the next interaction date of the customer, to his or her preferred means of communication.

The process uses targeted advertising to promote products and improve sales. Lately, eCommerce giants have been successfully using predictive analysis for creating bundle offers, and also for cross-selling.

Some online film and media companies utilize such models to target the audience with movies and shows that match their tastes. Predictive analytics also comes with the capability to make the right offers at the right time, such as during major festivals. It’s impressive, and essential to a positive customer experience.

Payment methods have also transformed from complex and fraud-prone to seamless, easy and safe. This peace of mind has renewed the faith of the customer in making online purchases without stress. Commercient offers a secure way to take payments directly in your CRM with Sync2Pay, which you can learn more about here.

Cloud Platforms

In recent times, the Cloud has become the go-to choice in every area including improving communication with customers. We’ll help you understand how Cloud is the most favorable platform in this era of disruptive technologies.

A seamless customer experience across both digital and voice channels are a clear advantage of Cloud-based systems compared to traditional ones. Legacy systems weren’t designed to meet the high standards of customer service of the present day. Traditional call centers still function around telephones and voice communication and have not adapted well to delivering across other channels such as email and chat.

Cloud platforms integrate various technologies that deliver seamlessly across multiple channels such as voice, email, chat, mobile, social media, SMS, video, and outbound. It is highly likely that in the near future, all contact centers will run in the cloud, display efficiency, and offer affordability. The biggest advantage will be a heightened customer experience.

The use of the cloud as the infrastructure to meet the needs of a contact or call center will boost customer loyalty, and therefore your bottom line.

Check out our Cloud-based product Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for business. Important ERP data such as customer information invoicing, sales history, inventory, a bill to and ship to addresses, etc., can be integrated with the CRM. New sales, accounts, and invoices can be SYNC’d from CRM to ERP. With Commercient SYNC, you can gain efficiency, boost productivity and manage the customer in a positive way.

If you’d like to learn more about how to enhance your company’s customer experience, please contact Commercient today, and our partner, Edgeware, here.

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