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“Spend time upfront to invest in systems and processes to make long-term growth sustainable.” – Jeff Platt, CEO-Sky Zone

With the exponential development of digital technologies and growing businesses each day, online marketing has become extremely competitive. For growth that sustains and builds your small business into a robust enterprise, it is important to have an effective digital marketing strategy. In addition, it’s important to have tools and applications that give your growth strategy the required impetus.

As Jeff Platt observes, any company looking for fast and consistent growth, buying into systems and processes is the number 1 priority. Enterprise-level businesses may find it comparatively easier to build their own apps or leverage systems built for them, while smaller companies or startups can face issues such as lack of adequate resources and infrastructure.

But, there is no shortage of solutions even for the emerging enterprises in the form of apps and tools. Thanks to the cloud, these solutions are built using surprisingly innovative concepts and come at minimal costs, some being free of charge.

Searching through the gamut of sales tools and apps, perfect for your company’s needs can be confusing. To help the small businesses reach their targeted goals, we offer some suggestions.

Commercient IoT Pulse

Integration provides the best alternative for small and medium entrepreneurs to get competitive without investing a ton into developing and deploying separate software systems. Commercient’s IoT Pulse connects your ERP to over 1100 apps, including CRM’s like HubSpot and Salesforce, as well as marketing systems, services like Mailchimp, social media, and many more.

By connecting your ERP with your sales tools and other apps, IoT Pulse helps free your data to pave the way for quick and efficient growth, while giving you complete control of the data.


Evernote allows you to organize your thoughts and ideas, and everything in between. It takes the hassle out of organizing and maintaining lists, tables, projects, to-do lists and more, and easily retrieve them for reference. The app can be seamlessly integrated across all devices, for ease of use.


These days, you can hire resources pretty much on every budget, through the concept of freelancing. The Tel Aviv-based Fiverr is one of the most popular online marketplaces for freelancers. Harness the power of freelance services that Fiverr provides, starting at just $5.

Fiverr provides professionals with practically every qualification and experience you need, backed by reliability. There’s a good reason why the concept of freelancing is fast catching up.


Mailchimp has transformed email marketing using a new age, innovative approach which automates sales campaigns. Each campaign can be customized with pre-set criteria, made using past data for the most effective results.

Campaign data can be easily tracked, which means quick, easy and accurate results! Mailchimp offers some awesome features and attractive content and templates. In addition, you can send emails free of charge (certain restrictions apply). It’s a good place to start, and Mailchimp has great options as your business grows.

Project Management

Successfully managing and completing Projects is the key to business progress. Managing every step of a project, from initiation to completion, can get daunting and sometimes stressful with upcoming deadlines. For maneuvering through even the most complex projects, you need to tie in all activities, strategize and plan right down to the smallest detail.

The Zoho Project management app automates most tasks with strategic use of features within applications to make completion of projects easy, efficient and accurate. The icing on the cake is that the app can be integrated with other Zoho apps (like their CRM), as well as third-party apps for greater efficiency.

You can simplify the process further by using apps such as Airtable and Asana. So whether you are working alone or as a team, Airtable helps organize the project activity. Asana serves as the central platform for those involved with the project to collaborate and interact. Integration of the two apps allows you to reap maximum benefits.

Google Drive

Another offering from software giant Google, Google Drive is a free data storage service that gives your small business up to 15GB of safe storage space. Now, you can use to store important files, documents and other data in a secure cloud environment. More than one user can work on documents, spreadsheets and files without hassle or waiting around. Using Google’s servers, you can access, share, and edit even large documents without any problems.


Skype is a pioneer of sorts in the area of digital communication, and is still considered the best. Who hasn’t used Skype in some form or other? With voice and video calling, chatting and sharing complicated information, the app uses the power of the internet to allow affordable exchange between co-workers, partners, vendors and even customers. It’s a free service, and a great way to communicate with those located around the world.


Dropbox is a cloud-based application that serves as storage for all the files of your small business, and a platform for sharing creative ideas on various projects and activities. Whether you are working on a task alone or with clients and co-workers, it is easy to collaborate on Dropbox, all you need to do is connect to Dropbox.

The files saved on the app can be accessed and worked upon from anywhere, anytime and you can be sure of the safety of your data. You have options of both free and paid services.

Social Media

A fun way to stay updated and connected with people and businesses, social media platforms are important for your small business, and each one comes with an app that’s easy-to-use. Both young and old find these apps enjoyable to use. You can interact, post pictures, share opinions, advertise and do much more. Social media can also play an important role in creating brand presence, as well as improve web traffic to your company website. Some of the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter,  and LinkedIn.

As smaller businesses strive to grow and thrive with today’s technology, there are plenty of apps that are aligned to your needs. The strategic use of these applications also means a greater advantage to the customer, and an effective method for sales and profits.

If you’d like more information on Commercient’s IoT Pulse, and how you can connect your business apps to your ERP to help streamline your processes, please contact us today.

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Raj Adhi is a professional writer, editor and blogger. She has completed her Graduation in Chemistry and Masters in Journalism from University of Mumbai.

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