Tips to Convince the Owner of your Company to Buy Salesforce

Tips to Convince the Owner of your Company to Buy Salesforce

Do you find yourself constantly spending time doing tasks that you feel could be automated? The truth is that if you feel certain tasks could be automated, they probably can be, you just don’t have a system set up yet to assist you with those automated processes, but you can with the power of Salesforce. It can help your organization store, measure, and divide data across different teams since there are only so many hours in the day. Now that you know you need a more powerful solution to streamline your daily company activities, how do you go about persuading the owner of your company?

Here are 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Sell the Owner of Your Company on Salesforce.

1. You Don’t Have Complete Visibility Into Each Department

Do you find yourself constantly looking for key data to make critical decisions? Then you don’t have true transparency of your team’s activities and need a system that can support that type of overview. That is why by having Salesforce, it will provide you with a 360-degree view of your accounts, customers, sales, opportunities, and contacts. Which in turn will help make better decisions by providing your business with the full story as your key data will be in one location. 

Do you have the reporting you need? And is the reporting updated constantly in a way that makes sense for your team? With the use of Salesforce, your teams will be able to make their own reports in order to establish what tasks have been completed and what has been missed. Their reports will be able to create dashboards to weigh their performance. 

You need a system with a true bird’s-eye-view not only on the company level, but also at the departmental level. Without true transparency, you’re going to keep making decisions that affect the entire organization without the full story and without the full story, are you really making the best decisions? Salesforce will centralize data, which will help teams collaborate with one another, and they will be able to assess what is the best decision to make for the organization at the time.

2. Everything Takes One Too Many Steps To Complete

Do you need to get approval from your boss for a discount on a sale? Did you know you can automate that approval process? By having a manual process, it is time consuming for you and your managers. Salesforce will be able to automate these approvals making it simpler for your boss to grant them.

Do you often have the same three tasks that need to happen after an SOW is signed? You’re wasting time when you carry out each of those processes manually. You can simply set up the automation one time with Salesforce, and all those steps are happening in the background as business chugs along as usual. 

3. The Cost Of Implementing Salesforce Ts Way Cheaper Than Hiring Multiple Team Members 

Once you set up your Salesforce instance with the right team guiding you through the process, your automation is set. You’ll have seamless business processes that can save your team countless hours. You have the initial implementation cost, which for many teams will satisfy their Salesforce needs. For teams that need ongoing support through managed services, plans are usually customizable and built to fit technology budgets of all sizes. 

Alternatively, to get the same work you need done you’ll need to hire, train and employ multiple staff members, just to do manual administrative work that could be easily automated. And the more customers your business gains, the tougher it is to keep data organized and make accurate decisions. By continuing to spend time doing things that otherwise could be automated, you’re wasting valuable time, and incurring more expenses for your team by spending less time on your core responsibilities.

When it comes down to dollars and cents, there truly is no comparison: You will considerably save money up front with a Salesforce implementation versus hiring new full time staff to take on the responsibilities.

Are you ready to talk to the owner of your organization about the power of Salesforce? 


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Ultimately, you’re going to save money when you implement Salesforce and move away from your legacy business processes. Additionally, your team will save time with Salesforce and get the insight into the company they have been craving to make actionable and well-thought-out decisions that will not only benefit the current team, but future team members for years to come.

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