New Syncs That Your Team Needs For Salesforce

Are you a sales rep that’s spending more time doing CRM admin than selling? You’re not alone. There are a few tricks you can use to speed up the time you spend in Salesforce so you have more time for prospects, and maybe, just maybe, some extra time for those cat videos on YouTube everybody’s always talking about.

Picture this: life without time-ravaging CRM routines. You come into the office, fix your coffee, and devote your time to building relationships with prospects and pitching deals. There’s no more staring blankly at the computer monitor or overwhelming amounts of data entry that needs to be taken care of. It almost sounds too good to be true right?

The average sales rep spends nearly 4 hours every single week updating Salesforce. Is it possible to spend less time updating Salesforce and still maintain a robust CRM? You bet!

3 Tricks for Improving Your Productivity in Salesforce You Have to Try Today

  • Sync your tasks. On average, sales reps spend about 2 hours of their week updating Salesforce. Why? They’re tracking their actions or putting in reminders for their to-do list. Many of these tasksscheduled meetings and phone callsalready exist in your calendar/email server. By automatically syncing your Microsoft Outlook account to Salesforce, you can save precious time updating tasks.
  • Sync your emails. Sales people spend 18% of their time in Salesforce updating leadschanging phone numbers, job titles, and logging a note every time a lead has been contacted. Outreach is done primarily through email so that’s another time-saving reason to sync your Microsoft Outlook account with Salesforce. After syncing your leads you’ll have an 18% time boost to spend how you want.
  • Sync your contacts. Reps spend nearly as much time updating their contacts as they do updating their leads17%. You can keep all of your contact and communication information updated in Salesforce via an automatic sync. This keeps your Salesforce accounts fresh and frees up another chunk of time for you to spend elsewhere.

Want to save time in Salesforce? There you go! Syncing your Microsoft Outlook account (emails, tasks, contacts, events, etc.) is an easy way to eliminate 3 of the biggest time-suckers in Salesforce that reps encounter. Have your own tips to share? Let us know how you save time on your CRM routine and increase productivity in Salesforce.


Getting Microsoft® Outlook® and Salesforce In Sync ‘16