The Drivers Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Change is the only constant, and innovation is the key to growth in any sphere. And with changing times, there arises a need to come up with novel concepts that offer solutions to current issues and bring operational convenience and efficiency.

A massive upsurge in ideas that evolved and are currently evolving in the minds of innovators, developers and leaders, has given rise to technologies that were merely dreams a few years back. Such disruptive technologies are growing and expanding at break-neck speed, carving out what is now being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

This massive and rapid technological change, carrying the collective term Fourth Industrial Revolution, is heralded by the fusion or merging of technologies. They come together to form a cohesive whole system that thrives on connectivity.

Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, refers to this phenomenon as the second machine age. Here, digitization is equally supplemented by advanced research, developments and innovations in biological and other technologies.

What these disruptive technologies have done is change the entire landscape of the world we live in. It leaves no area untouched, and transforms the way we manufacture, manage, consume, and even live.

How it Began

The earlier industrial revolutions gave birth to cities and urbanization, automating labor-intensive manual jobs through the use of machines. Besides these, there were some landmark discoveries and inventions such as the lightbulb, telephone and the steam engine.

Similarly, what the Fourth Industrial revolution has done is introduce and spread digital technology, be it the internet or telecommunication. Today, at the helm of this is the inter-mingling of technologies, connecting individuals, societies and nations.

These technologies that are tying us together like never before are likely to continue this growth and connect billions of people. Experts predict that even the most remote areas of the globe will likely be connected in the near future.

Growth and Expansion

Leading the pack of trendsetters and trailblazers are the businesses and providers. They have made possible such mass consumption of new-age technologies through innovations that allows their scalability.

Taking a cue from current and future needs of customers in the areas of convenience, economy and resource conservation, latest concepts have taken shape and are likely to set the tone for the time to come.

Some of these marvels include artificial intelligence, seamless integrations, internet of things, machine learning and robotics. They are sophisticated in performance and inspirational enough to have an entire generation of users adopt these products and technologies. The possibilities they bring are sure to delight.

Such a mass adoption and use of these disruptive technologies makes each and every one of us today a contributor to this revolution.

Commercient as an Active Participant

In this rapidly changing scenario, to stay competitive, every business must change or face the possibility of redundancy. Customer success paints an entire gamut of interactions with the customer at its core, and that calls for smart connectivity.

Commercient SYNC integrates Sales and ERP systems, creating a seamless data bank that brings efficiency and improves sales and service. IoT Pulse offers micro-integrations between ERP Systems and over 815 commonly used apps, such as eCommerce solutions, email, marketing programs, and more.

Businesses are seeking such powerful solutions that seamless integration provides. Commercient aims to become a key player in supporting its customers with these capabilities that are driving this revolution.

The Impact

The widespread awareness of the Fourth Industrial Revolution means that we are in a position to direct the course of this transformation for the benefit of humankind. It is difficult to forecast the impact of this in its entirety, but the possibilities are many.

There is a need to maintain a fine balance between technological advances and core human values. After all, machines can never replace the human dynamic, and must only aid human progress.

If you’d like to bring the Fourth Industrial Revolution to your own business, contact us and learn how Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse can help, please contact us today.

About the Author

Raj Adhi is a professional writer, editor and blogger. She has completed her Graduation in Chemistry and Masters in Journalism from University of Mumbai.

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