The Digital Transformation Journey: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” – Thomas Paine

There is a new world order, one that is built around digital transformation, technology, innovation, digitization, and new business models. As the world shifts toward a digital era amidst a technological revolution, it’s clear that there are leaders, followers, and those who just seem to get in the way of change.

If you’re leading a digital transformation journey, make sure you understand your role and the responsibilities it comes with as you, and those who follow you, strive towards a common goal. If you are a follower in the journey, you play an important role of carrying out the strategies of the leader.

Recognize the role you play in digital transformation, and, if you’re not leading or following, then get out of the way! But do so at your own peril.

What Exactly Does Digital Transformation Mean for Your Business?

Digital transformation has a different meaning for everyone. The type of digital transformation to pursue depends on the needs and goals of your business.

For example, a business looking to improve the customer experience could make use of a chatbot on their website. Similarly, a business looking to centralize their siloed data could use a data integration solution, such as Commercient SYNC, that will provide a central location for all their data.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or you sell ice cream, your business will most definitely benefit from digital transformation.

Common Digital Transformation Challenges

Digital transformation is imperative to business success, but it comes with many challenges. To help you better navigate any bumps on your journey, we’ve identified common challenges that can hinder your digital transformation initiatives:

  • Organizational resistance to change
  • Lack of expertise to lead a digital transformation project
  • Lack of digital literacy within the workforce
  • Legacy systems
  • Budget constraints

5 Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Businesses that recognize the need to adapt to the digital age to remain competitive are pursuing digital transformation initiatives. These will help them streamline their operations, deliver excellent customer experiences, and spot new opportunities for business growth.

However, there are some pitfalls that any business may run into when proceeding down the path of digital transformation. Here are 5 pitfalls to avoid during your digital transformation journey:

  1. Getting it Wrong
    Digital transformation is not just about implementing technology without a business reason or relevance. Instead of focusing on the technology, look at your business strategy, goals and objectives from a technological capabilities vantage point. Identify new technologies that will change how you are operating and generating revenues, and then integrate those technologies into your business to help you get there.
  2. No Investment in Culture Change
    Digital is just as much about people as it is about technology. All the technology in the world will not successfully transform your business without including your workforce.
  3. Not Having the Right People
    Make sure you have appropriately skilled people in the right roles to deliver your digital transformation vision.
  4. No Plan in Place
    Digital transformation begins with a vision which must be turned into a strategy. It’s important to set your goals upfront and have a clear picture of your desired outcome.
  5. Lack of Communication
    Having a well-documented plan for your project is good, but without action, you’re going nowhere fast. Get everyone in the business excited; communicate – communicate – communicate! Tell them where the business is going, and how they will benefit. Communicate your vision and empower your employees to be part of the process.

Key Elements to a Success Digital Transformation

Many organizations are already embarking on this journey in an effort to meet the increasingly rigorous demands of changing markets. Focus on these key elements when preparing your plan:

  • Have the right leaders in place.
  • Create a digital culture and empower people to work in new ways.
  • Harness the power of your data.
  • Leverage advanced technologies to digitize your business operations.

As we said earlier, it’s important to make digital transformation everyone’s business. When everybody buys into the plan and believes in its importance, digital transformation efforts will be more effective.

Data is the Foundation of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is essentially centered around data and how to put it to use in new ways to drive efficiency, business insights, and increase revenue. The aim is to identify which technologies can help transform and enhance the value of data.

The Importance of Data Integration

Ineffective data collecting and storing mean that you lose the ability to execute on any data-driven decisions. Furthermore, siloed data is a major roadblock for digitalizing your company. Businesses must focus on ways to make digital transformation strategies effective by breaking down data silos. The key lies in data integration.

Integration connects data from disparate sources into a single unified view. This provides valuable insights that can help your business meet the demands of a digital business landscape.

Commercient Powers Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Commercient is a leading business application development company that specializes in providing data integration services and solutions. We combine leading-edge technologies and specialized skills across diverse industries and business functions. We provide solutions that help businesses transform themselves and remain relevant in an increasingly digital and data-driven world.

Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, integrates data between your ERP and CRM systems. SYNC is pre-built, and is the fastest, simplest and most flexible solutions for your data integration needs.

Supporting over 85 ERPs such as SYSPRO, QuickBooks and Sage, with CRMs like Salesforce (a Salesforce AppExchange licensed managed package), Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zoho CRM, etc., Commercient drives innovation to simplify and accelerate digital transformation. We help our customers derive meaningful intelligence out of their data. View all our available integration apps here.

In addition, IoT Pulse connects your ERP to over 1100 apps, helping automate data migrations and frequent tasks. Supported apps include HubSpot CRM, Gmail, Infusionsoft, social media apps, and more. Learn about our IoT Pulse integrations here.

The Future is Digital

The bottom line is, digital transformation opportunities are real, and it’s vital for every business to prepare for the digital era and ride the waves of innovation and success. Become a digital business industry leader by harnessing the full power of data with Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse. Contact us today to find out how!

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