TeraXion is Laser Focused on Helping their Customers

TeraXion is Laser Focused on Helping their Customers

Companies that manufacture lasers are extremely important for our present and our future. One such company is TeraXion, which was founded in Quebec City, Canada back in 2000, and is an Indie Semiconductor company.

They are a leading manufacturer of innovative components incorporating fiber Bragg gratings, low noise lasers, and integrated photonic elements. Fiber Bragg gratings have been at the heart of their products for 20 years, to the point that they offer this technology in four different markets which works to reaffirm its potential for countless cutting-edge applications.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word ‘lasers’? Think about it. 

There’s a big chance that the first thing that comes to your mind is a heist movie or a spy movie — we all know the scene. The one that has the laser grid that is standing between the main character and the artifact they desire. The main character always finds a way to maneuver themselves across. Sometimes they make it and other times they do not. Or if you’re a cat owner lasers are probably among your cat’s favorite toys. 

The truth is that lasers are extremely useful in many areas — some of them are unexplored — and they’re a boon for technology, for medicine and industrial reasons, they make certain surgeries easier. Look at how far we’ve come with eye surgery; lasers are much more effective tools than scalpels. 

TeraXion Action

TeraXion needs to stay on top of things, so they require a system that can help them succeed. Their ERP is Microsoft Dynamics NAV which they use for operations and finance. The problem was that they had an on-premise CRM, which wasn’t as useful with the growing needs of the company. So they leveraged Salesforce Enterprise.

Not only did it modernize their processes — especially in regards to sales — but they also saw an improvement in the overall management of opportunities, customers, leads, and more.

“It used to take us 120 hours to do our forecasting for the next year, but with Salesforce, it takes our team only 12 hours,” said Émile Paradis, Junior Industrial Engineer at TeraXion.

Things were working better but there was still something missing — something that could give them a leg up on the competition. So in comes Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. With SYNC, they can integrate their CRM and ERP data, meaning they could access their Microsoft Dynamics NAV information directly in Salesforce Enterprise.

They could look up customer information, accounting records, invoicing, orders, multi-ship to addresses, serial numbers invoiced, item master, inventory, quote header & detail with BOM, contacts, RMA details, M614, shipment header & detail, dimensions value & set entry, among so many other things.

Commercient helps us stay ahead of the competition by having our ERP talk with Salesforce,” said Émile Paradis. “The data is laid out more intuitively in Salesforce vs. our ERP because we can work with it and modify it. They can see what a customer ordered before, historical data, and it has the quickness to the process. Our sales team really appreciates it.”

They can create accounts in either NAV or Salesforce, and they know they will be SYNC’d to the other, meaning they can avoid the dreaded double entry of data, which saves time. It also ensures accuracy.

“A salesperson creates a sales order in Salesforce, and they don’t have to do the entry twice –it just creates it in NAV after the SYNC, which saves us time,” said Paradis. “The Salesforce data is also available for the operational team in the ERP.

It’s a good deal all around. Now TeraXion can stop worrying about their systems and focus entirely on their customers’ needs. Which is what can help their company thrive and succeed.