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Data has become more complex over the years and it still remains the fuel keeping most organizations in business today. Getting a consistent view of your business performance across a large enterprise could be challenging. Often, global enterprises don’t have a single definitive source of data related to customers, inventory, financial reports, or products. And that makes it difficult to answer even the simplest questions. What is the solution you ask? Salesforce and Netsuite integration is the answer.

Not all information needs to be available within five minutes, but certain decisions can only be made on the basis of data that is fully up-to-date. And that is a big advantage of data integration. With data integration, you see a unified view of your data, because data integration software brings your information together, it can include data quality and the process of defining master reference data, such as corporatewide definitions of customers, products, suppliers and other key information that gives context to business transactions.

Why should a business use Salesforce and Netsuite integration?

If you are looking to grow your business from anywhere in the world using cloud software, automate sales, and become a fully digital business, Commercient SYNC has the app for you. Commercient’s SYNC’s application makes it possible to see your Netsuite data in Salesforce and vice-versa since it can be used on any device. In addition to this, you will need a way to ensure that you have access to accurate, complete, and up to date data in your Salesforce and Netsuite ERP. Without this, it becomes difficult to improve your income, leads, and credibility. As a result, that is why you should be using Commercient SYNC.

How can Commercient SYNC’s data integration platform benefit you?

  • Streamline your processes, sales, and customer service.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Cut costs.
  • Assist with inventory control and warehouse management.
  • Consolidate your financials.
  • Netsuite data is automatically integrated into your Salesforce CRM so you don’t have to program anything.
  • There is no mapping, coding or server needed
  • Elimination of duplicate entries, errors & wrong data input
  • real-time updates in both systems
  • Automated workflows  avoid the common mistakes in process pipelines
  • Better work productivity saves time & overhead cost empowering management to take the next action plan

Commercient SYNC is a cloud-based app that allows access from any location. Since it is a cloud-based experience, you are assured that Commercient will have your data secured and it provides a 360-degree view of your data and elimination of manual data entry assisting you to focus more on driving profitability to your business.

Talk to us today about your own Salesforce and Netsuite integration requirements and we will get you on the right path.

Commercient Wins the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam for June 2019

Commercient’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Ken deLodzia,
gave a winning 3-minute demo of SYNC ERP & CRM data integration

Atlanta, June 24, 2019 Commercient, the leading platform for ERP and CRM data integration, won the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam for June 2019, by popular vote! The 3-minute demo focused on SYNC, and was performed by Ken deLodzia, Commercient’s Senior Solutions Engineer.

During Ken’s demo, he showcased how Commercient SYNC expertly integrates key data from over 85 popular ERPs, such as SYSPRO, Sage, QuickBooks, etc., to Salesforce. This data includes customer information, sales history, invoicing, order details, serial numbers invoiced, inventory, multi-ship-to addresses, and much more.

New orders, accounts, opportunities, etc., created in Salesforce are SYNC’d to ERP, avoiding double data entry and mistakes. Commercient SYNC gives businesses a 360-degree view of sales.

“It was great to win today’s AppExchange Demo Jam! And with all the great demos presented, I feel very honored and it was a great opportunity for Commercient,” said deLodzia. “I’d like to thank Salesforce for the opportunity to present our product and to everyone who voted for the Commercient SYNC demo.”

One of the Demo Jam moderators, Jeff Grosse, Salesforce MVP, had this to say after the Commercient demo: “The valuable data you guys are able to SYNC over is fantastic. Not only do you have the bi-directional SYNC going on, which is configurable as a one-way or two-way SYNC, but you are able to pull that data in that a customer service rep or a support rep is able to access, and utilize not only for the entitlement side, or the, ‘Hey, I need to get you a replacement order.’ You can see the order information from whatever ERP system you’re pulling from. Fantastic, very simple to use!”

The AppExchange Demo Jam is a game show style event where up to 8 Salesforce app partners perform a fast, 3-minute demo of their app. It takes place on the third Thursday of every month. Attendees vote for their favorite demo, and the winner receives a special award.

Watch the entire Demo Jam here:

Spring is the season for new babies, and we’d like to introduce you to our newest addition. Our development team has been busy creating a nifty new Salesforce app. We are proud to present you with our newest app, SYNC for Infor Syteline and Salesforce.

New App! SYNC for Infor Syteline and Salesforce

Utilizing Commercient SYNC to connect your Infor ERP data with your Salesforce CRM data is a great way to grow your business. Syncing these two systems together will allow you to benefit from the full functionality that both systems offer.

Here’s how we can help you.

Improve communication between sales and accounting departments. Improve customer satisfaction. Improve quality of service. Commercient’s standard SYNC for Infor and Salesforce includes the integration of:

  • Accounting data
  • Sales order data
  • Invoice data

What this means is that your team won’t have to spend their valuable time on manual data entry or trying to find sales orders and invoices. All of that information will be at their fingertips, ensuring that your company can concentrate on the bottom line.

Commercient SYNC is available for Infor LN, Infor Visual, Infor Adage, Infor Syteline, Infor Distribution FACTS, Infor Distribution SX.e, and Infor Distribution A+, Infor LN 6.1, Infor LN 10.3, Lawson, BPCS, Mapics, Lilly, VISUAL Mfg, NxTrend, JBA, Baan, fourthshift, and Minxware.

The SYNC for Infor and Salesforce app is licensed through the Salesforce AppExchange and works with Salesforce Group Edition (GE), Salesforce Professional Edition, Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Salesforce Lightning Professional, Salesforce Lightning Enterprise, and Salesforce Lightning Unlimited.

SYNC is also compatible with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Force.com, Wave Apps, Salesforce Mobile 1, Salesforce App Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Steelbrick, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, Desk.com, Pardot, Analytics Cloud, Sales Wave Analytics, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud Digital, Commerce Cloud Store, Chatter and Salesforce IoT Cloud.

Commercient’s specialty is developing apps that seamlessly connect your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with Salesforce CRM.

For a complete view of  the items you can SYNC between your Infor and Salesforce system, take a look at all available features on the two-way SYNC pricing page. The ability to connect all of your ERP and CRM data together within one master system simplifies the lives of sales reps by providing them with up-to-date product data to provide prospective clients and current customers.

Ready to Learn More?

Would you like to learn more about the SYNC for Info Syteline and Salesforce? Contact us today and request a free demo.

The Salesforce AppExchange is home to 3,000+ apps designed to make running your business easier. So how on earth are you supposed to narrow down which ones will be most effective for your company? You can start with the four easy-to-follow tips below!

How To Navigate The Salesforce AppExchange

  • Define your goals. Be clear about both your long- and short-term goals. Do you have a budget to go shopping for paid apps or should you just stick with the free ones for now? You can find a pretty even mix available on the AppExchange with 56% of apps available for a fee and the remaining 44% ready to download and use immediately.
  • Use the search filters.Once you’ve figured out what you’re working towards and a budget for how much it will cost you, start searching the AppExchange! The easiest way to do this is to play with the 10+ available search filters. You can filter apps by Android or iPhone compatibility, additions, pricing and more.
  • Browse the reviews. People have left more than 50,000 user reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange that can help you make an informed decision about the apps you’re considering downloading. For example, have a look at some of the great reviews users have left for Commercient SYNC on the AppExchange.
  • Get to know the Salesforce community. There are millions of people in the Salesforce community who are more than willing to share their knowledge with you. There are numerous groups, dedicated MVPs, and customers just like you that you can reach out to for help and support.

Having 3,000 apps at your possible disposal can be a little overwhelming to begin with. Luckily, Salesforce has made it fairly easy to find the apps you need when you need them. You just have to know how to use the tools they’ve given you to work with. Hopefully, your next AppExchange search will go a little smoother and you’ll find the perfect Commercient SYNC app to tell your business friends about.