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Considering a cloud-based data integration platform such as Commercient SYNC? Let’s see the story of Republic Manufacturing and how they leveraged Salesforce and Sage 100 data integration with Commercient SYNC to achieve business goals.

Having a company in top shape requires different resources. However, it can be a complex process to figure out the right way to grow a company. You need to research in order to select the right resources to use – otherwise, the innovation process may backfire. 

Which technology should you use that enables your processes and your people to get more things done in less time? 

Republic Manufacturing began as a sheet metal manufacturer back in 1962. The demands of the market were quite different back then. It was a very different world from the one we find ourselves in now. And yet they managed to grow and adapt to an ever-changing market. To the point wherein 1991 they became one of the largest in North Texas. 

All because they knew when to adapt. Then Republic designed and manufactured its centrifugal blowers and air knife drying systems that offered distinct advantages over existing systems within the industry. 

Nowadays, Republic remains a leading designer and builder. Their products include blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors, air knives, and many more. They also do custom orders so of course with all the work they do they need the right systems. But what exactly is the right system for them?   

ERP and CRM that set them up for success

They found out using Sage 100 for their operations and managing their finances and worked with Josh Monson from the 1.1 Group to implement Salesforce Enterprise. This leading CRM helps them have the best management in regards to their opportunities, customers, their leads and so much more. The company also uses other Salesforce products like CPQ, Service Cloud, Knowledge, Pardot, and Einstein. 

Pardot was especially helpful. In the words of Republic’s Marketing Manager Nicole Taylor, “It’s amazing how Pardot captures information about customers and campaigns. We can create marketing automations and drip campaigns based on that data. It’s helped our sales and marketing teams work well together.”

So it all seemed to be coming together but something was still missing. They still needed to be able to connect their Sage 100 to their CRM, but how? 

Connecting Sage 100 and Salesforce Enterprise 

Commercient SYNC is the #1 data integration platform for sales, and with its bi-directional ERP and CRM integration, the company can access its important Sage 100 data directly in Salesforce Enterprise. Everything from inventory, accounting records, customer information, sales order history, addresses, tracking information, and so much more. 

We’ve taken it beyond just a records keeping piece by having Sage 100 SYNC’d with CPQ and Pardot,” said Taylor. “The integration allows the Sales Team to take appropriate steps to increase their rate of closure based on real-time information.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Being able to easily access customer data when you need it, makes it easier to make the sale. You know how likely a person is to buy or what they like to buy. Plus, anything like sales or new accounts created in Salesforce Enterprise are SYNC’d to Sage 100, giving Republic Manufacturing a full view of everything — customers, sales, and marketing. 

Having real sales data in our ERP allows us to market to customers in real-time based on their purchase history, lifetime value, and purchasing behavior,” explained Taylor of the marketing benefits. “Real campaign ROI is reported without relying on the Sales Team to backfill data into their opportunities.”

Nicole Taylor even called it a lifesaver. 

It’s been a real lifesaver for us and a much cleaner process,” said Taylor. “It has reduced errors, in the sense that the information that was quoted is now being pushed to the order. So there’s no need to reinterpret what was quoted.”

With Commercient SYNC, your ERP and CRM are a match made in heaven. It certainly was for Republic Manufacturing! 

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