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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so for this week’s Tech News, we are multitasking. We’ve combined some great new tech with some great ideas for mom this Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget to show that special lady in your life how much you care, whether it’s your mom, your stepmother, or your grandmother. So many tech gifts tend to value function over emotion, but this list shows that you put a bit of thought into her gift.

Nonetheless, here are some tech gift ideas that are sure to delight any lady, even if her idea of tech is a digital clock.

  1. Kate Spade Everpurse. For the lady that is both tech-savvy and label conscious, this nifty little wristlet, starting at $139, the bag is a great mix of form and function. It has a pocket that charges your iPhone. You can charge the purse when you aren’t using it–just place the purse on a wireless charging mat and it’s ready to go the next day.
  2. Beauty subscription. If the very idea of anything tech-related terrifies your mother more than spiders, this is a great alternative. You can set up a monthly subscription service that you (or mom) can customize. The company then sends a variety of their best sellers and new products for them to try out. A couple good choices are Birchbox and FabFitFun.
  3. This nifty vanity mirror. The iHome 9” vanity mirror is the multitasker of the beauty world. It charges your phone, has a Bluetooth connection so you can chat as you gild the lily, plays music as you get ready, lights up, and oh, yeah, shows you your reflection too.
  4. Echo Home Hub. Even if your mom/grandma/stepmom has no tech skills whatsoever, this great gadget is really user-friendly. This voice-activated module can be installed anywhere her little heart desires and has almost limitless functionality. She can play music on demand, get the weather report, the news, or even get a recipe. It supports a variety of apps, including Pandora, Uber, and even Domino’s.
  5. Nox Music Smart Sleep Light. We all have nights where sleep is as elusive as a unicorn. This groovy little light produces red wavelengths, which  (supposedly) raise melatonin levels. It also produces the sound of lapping waves to relax the mind. So for the insomniac lady in your life, this should be a great gift.

If you get really stuck and none of these appeals to you, Amazon gift cards are always a winner. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! Thanks for all that you do.

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your grandma, your step-mom, or your mother-in-law we’ve got a list full of gifts perfect for that special lady in your life. Step up your game and give mom more than flowers this year. She’s sure to appreciate some of today’s hottest tech gadgets featured below (and we’re not talking robot vacuum cleaners).


5 Hot Tech Gadgets For Mother’s Day

  1. Amazon Fire Stick. For the mom who just can’t get enough of Girls, the Amazon Fire Stick is the prime option when it comes to media streaming devices. It’s easy to setup, easy to use, and besides, it’s only $40. That’s a win for Mom and your wallet.
  2. Fitbit Flex. A great fitness tracker does more than just count your steps. The Fitbit Flex will track the distance your Mom walks every day in addition to calories burned, active minutes, and sleep quality. Help your Mom keep up her healthy lifestyle for only $79.
  3. Kindle Paperwhite 6”. Is Mom a reader? Hook her up with a Kindle Paperwhite this Mother’s Day! With its high-resolution display and no-glare screen, Mom can enjoy her favorite romance eBook series by the pool all summer long before needing to charge the device. Grab one now for $99.99 plus free shipping.
  4. Nespresso Espresso Maker. If your Mom is anything like our Mom’s, she runs on coffee. And we all know Mom deserves the best cup of drip coffee we can make her. Give your Mom a Nespresso Espresso Machine for Mother’s Day and this gift will keep on giving for years to come. Just remember to make her the first cup after you’ve set it up. She deserves it. It’s only $99.99 from Amazon.
  5. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker. Perfect for the Mom who wants to relive her first Rolling Stone’s concert or try her ear at what the kids are listening to today. There aren’t many bluetooth speakers that will provide your mom with crystal clear listening like this Bose speaker will for $129.