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E3 is actually open to the public this year. For those of you unfamiliar with the E3 moniker, the name stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it is arguably the best–or at least the biggest–gaming event to occur every year.  The show, based out of Los Angeles, attracts about 65,000 people, but this year, they are allowing another 15,000 people to attend.  Normally the show is only open to industry insiders, so this is a big deal in the gaming world.  E3 features everything that is new in the world of video games.  The event will showcase over 85,000 square feet of exhibits.  In an effort to keep the gamers attending content, the show has added vendor booths and is concentrating more on gamer culture.  This year’s show will give attendees a first look at XBox’s Project Scorpio console.  You can also expect a slew of new VR games from Sony, the return of the venerable Assassin’s Creed, and a revamped Super Mario Odyssey game from Nintendo. For those of you that can’t make it or for whom the $250 price tag is a bit steep, you can watch the majority of it online on Twitch or YouTube.  You can watch a teaser video of the new Assassin’s Creed below.

Summer is coming.  Even if you didn’t get that reference, it still applies. The official start of summer for most of the Northern Hemisphere is on June 21, 2017. If you hate the heat and humidity and hate fighting with your coworkers about the office temperature, the folks at EvaPolar have the answer for you.  They have created the EvaPolar 2, a desktop personal air conditioner. It creates your own microclimate and also helps with air purification. It cools an area about 3 meters (about 9 feet) square and promises to cool the outgoing air about 30 degrees F. The mini system works using the process of evaporative cooling and works for about 6 hours on one container of water.  There is one catch though–the makers do state that the system does not work well if humidity is over 70%, so people in Florida and Louisiana may not want to invest in the system just yet. Stil, at $180 for an EvaPolar system, it’s a reasonable–and safe–alternative to the old-school “swamp cooler”.

How to score tech at a bargain. New smartphones and tablets are great but for those of us on a budget, the prices on new devices can get silly. Enter eBay. Their refurbished tech site offers great, inexpensive devices at nominal prices. If you are an early adopter, or if you are label-conscious, this site is not for you.  Before you balk at the idea of buying refurbished technology, there are some great benefits besides the prices. The company offers a year warranty on all of its devices, and many of them are either like new or are new.  The site guarantees a high standard of quality control–indeed, they guarantee that the devices will meet manufacturer standards. It is also an environmentally-friendly option as the upcycled devices will not end up in a landfill. This is a great idea for college students, big families, or anyone that wants good-quality technology without the hefty price tag.


If you need a reasonably-priced option to integrate your ERP and CRM systems, you can’t afford NOT to look at Commercient’s SYNC.