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Continuing our series on Dreamforce, let’s rewind into what made this year’s Dreamforce Keynote, superstar to take note of. Marching on to make the world a better place – Dreamforce 2022 was about Salesforce sticking to its core values – Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and Sustainability.

Conceptualized around these and titled as “The Great Reunion,” the keynote marked “a new day” for business, environment, Trailblazers, work, and Customer 360.

Crafted into perfect melody – the Dreamforce Keynote ushered in Innovation and Inspiration while delivering on each of the above.

Here are the highlights from approximate 2-hour session –

You can watch the full session on Salesforce+.

Dreamforce 2022 Highlights

Creating Magic with Salesforce Genie

On average, a company uses 976 apps to deal with its customers, meaning one individual would have hundreds of identities across these apps. (A huge number, right!)

To reconcile these into one clean record of your customer’s data, Salesforce announced the ground-breaking announcement since its inception, the Salesforce Genie – the single source of truth for your customer’s data.

Positioning the Salesforce CRM as the world’s first real-time CRM, focusing on hyper-personalization, and creating a unified customer profile – with its dynamic workflows (Salesforce CDP extended) and Einstein’s predictions and recommendations – all happening in real-time. 

Moreover, it integrates with the entire Customer 360 and the Salesforce industry cloud offerings.

Connecting data streams at an infinite scale. 

As Brett Tyler, Salesforce Co-CEO, states, “Salesforce Genie is the real-time platform for customer magic. We’ve completely re-imagined our CRM, from the ground up – to enable the real time capabilities that will enable all of you to build applications that simply weren’t possible before.”

To make it more impactful, Salesforce used two powerful customer stories of how Ford and Loreal, the giants in their respective fields are revolutionizing the way they operate with the power of the all-new Salesforce Genie.

Truly, “a new day for customer magic.”

Note – It’s generally available now.

True to the Core

To address the concerns of the enthusiastic Trailblazers, who at one of the previous Dreamforce Conferences, asked Parker Harris, Co-founder and CTO, Salesforce, “Shiny new things are nice, but what has been done to solve the community’s challenges?”

“True to the Core” was formed. An unfiltered view into Salesforce through “ask me anything” sessions with the company’s executives and product managers.

To this date, this has resulted in over 300 innovations, and this year was no less! Significant efforts have been made to integrate acquisitions onto the core platform. Learn about others in the image below.


Hyperforce is a secure, scalable, privacy and compliance built-in platform architecture to deliver the Salesforce Cloud products on major cloud systems like AWS, Azure, and Google.

The new goal is to enable you to deploy your Salesforce Apps with data residency in 17 countries by the end of 2023 (currently in 10 countries).

Net Zero Marketplace (+Cloud)

“A new day for the Environment.”

And the Salesforce are putting it in action –

Great Reforestation – through 1t.org, the goal is to conserve and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030 and to sequester 200 gigatons of carbon.

Net Zero Cloud Marketplace – It will connect buyers and Ecopreneurs and will launch 90 projects in 11 countries.

Net Zero Cloud – A way to help organizations meet their sustainability goals – by managing the sustainability data, automating supplier emissions tracking and forecast, and reducing risk, with the power of Tableau’s What-if Analysis and Einstein’s Recommendations.

Note: It’s generally available.

In addition to the above, Salesforce is scaling its Ocean Research Program.

Digital HQ a.k.a. the Slack Imperative

“[At Salesforce, it was] how can we help you navigate the new future of work.” Tamara Yehoshua, Chief Product Officer, Slack.

With a myriad of new capabilities, that’s what Slack will deliver.

Slack Canvases

They are “surface to capture and share knowledge [with] the ability to access and take action on Salesforce data directly in Slack.”

Or simply put, a new persistent layer of information, alongside your Slack Channel. You can also create a Canvas and share it in a DM or a channel, itself.

The Canvas lets you connect systems of record like Customer 360 and productivity systems within Slack.

Now without leaving Slack – you and your team can generate automation, build low or no-code apps, find information about a customer like an incident or issue through service cloud integrations, and so much more. 

Yes, much like Quip, which is now natively integrated into Slack.

In the future, Salesforce has plans to make the 2500+ apps work with Slack Canvas (how cool!)

(You can read more about Slack Canvas in this blog.)

And then there is more.

Slack Huddles

Huddles brings in what we loved about being in the office – to be able to jump in any conversations – into the Digital [Office] HQ.

The audio-first coworking has been enhanced to include videos, multiple screen shares, visual effects and reactions, post-huddle threads to never miss a conversation, and has Canvas attached so no one misses the conversation because it’s there.

To make Slack, the powerful Digital HQ, 15 new integrations are being introduced into it.

Summing up this year’s ‘Magical’ Dreamforce Keynote

From the outset, Salesforce has delivered what they’ve promised. That’s what has made them the successful organization they are today! And it’s exciting for Commercient, the number one data integration company to be partners with the gigantic organization that Salesforce is. 

And that’s how the Impressive Dreamforce Keynote catapulted into the week full of immersive experiences – an incredible Reunion indeed!

Dreamforce 2022 is now behind us, but the lessons learned will stay with us for a long time. What is Dreamforce? It is “an annual event that brings together the global Salesforce community for learning, fun, community building, and philanthropy. Trailblazers from all over the world gather to share their insights, successes, and learn the latest in industry innovations.” Meaning it’s about connection. 

At Commercient, we know all about connection. That is what we do, by integrating Salesforce and ERP systems with SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. Commercient Co-Founders Corrine Allgaier and Richard Jenkins had the pleasure of attending Dreamforce this year. The first live event since 2019.

Our team at Dreamforce

Amazing Trailblazers in the Spotlight

One of the focus points of this year’s Dreamforce is the spotlight on Trailblazers, who are pioneers in their field or endeavor. Someone that opens the door for all those that come behind them. Sima Samara was one such Trailblazer and a part of the keynote speech of Dreamforce 2022. A software engineer who after leaving her country focused on helping refugees. 

“The story of Sima Samara, a refugee who moved to the Netherlands in the face of threatening oppression, who became a Trailblazer, and was now standing on stage during the keynote, will always be a striking memory from Dreamforce 2022,” remarked Allgaier.

“She reminded me of myself in some ways, although I never faced such hardship in the face of moving countries,” Allgaier continued, “but I understood her motivation and how she took the opportunity of Trailhead with both hands and held on.

“Sima’s story represents how I feel about Salesforce and this wonderful community of people who embrace diversity, who value innovation and creativity, and who believe in the infinite human potential,” concluded Allgaier.

Dreamforce and Connection

Adversity can help us grow but so can community. It is standing side by side that we can overcome our problems. Because no man is an island. We have to work together if we want to create a better world. And as Allgaier says, reach our infinite potential. Dreamforce gave Commercient the chance to connect with people who speak the same language and have the same goals. 

“For me, Dreamforce was about connecting with people. We met with partners and customers, and we talked about everything from technology, to music and art and even vinyl records,” said Corinne Allgaier. “They were real conversations. I learned so much from others about the challenges they are facing, and about opportunities for our company of which I had not been aware. Dreamforce 2022 was epic.”

Among the highlights for Dreamforce 2022 was the big announcement of the Salesforce Genie. Genie spans across the entire Salesforce platform and offers real-time data to enhance the Customer 360.

Dreamforce 2022 gives back

Other new features include those for Slack, making it more business-friendly and helping companies boost their productivity. These include Slack Canvas, Slack Huddles and Slack for Developers.

There was also an announcement of the integration between Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce. And of course it’s not just about business. Dreamforce is dedicated to giving back. Which is why they hosted Dreamfest, the official celebration of Dreamforce with a concert by Red Hot Chili Peppers. All the proceeds of the event were donated to USCF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

It was an experience like no other. One that allowed for learning, connection and most of all — a week of memories that will never be forgotten.  

The world has gradually begun to adjust to the new normal, and Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 will be a demonstration of that change. With the excitement levels running high among the coordinators, members, and the Trailblazers, safety is the number one priority for Dreamforce this year. Salesforce has put forth the most extreme attempts to guarantee the safety and well-being of the members for the in-person event. Salesforce has partnered together with a few forerunners in the clinical local area to guarantee a protected encounter for all the in-person participants.

Dreamforce has been taking place in San Francisco for years now, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is now held virtually. We have put together this guide to help you plan and make the most of the event irrespective of it being a virtual event.

1. Clear your schedule 

If you were attending Dreamforce in person this year, you wouldn’t listen to Marc Benioffs feature show while busy completing other tasks on the side, so the virtual Dreamforce shouldn’t be any different. Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 is a three-day event, the 2021 Dreamforce dates are 21-  23 September 2021, it’s much simpler than before to clear your schedule. Register for talks as they’re declared, and attempt to keep the time closed off in your schedule. Urge other colleagues to tune in to the same talks, and share learnings afterward.

2. Plan ahead

On the off chance that the event took place at a physical location, you would have arranged things a few days prior. So why not do the same for the virtual event? Have a proper plan for all your personal commitments, run errands, complete chores days ahead so you have no distractions during the event. The Salesforce Dreamforce event is jam-packed with loads of interesting information, you do not want to miss even one second of the talks.

3. Prepare a quiet room/office space

Assuming you will be attending the event from the comfort of your own home, it means you will be with your family. Having a peaceful environment in a family home can be troublesome. Preparing to have some peace and quiet ahead of time can eliminate any disruptions that might occur during the event.

4. Make sure you have a stable internet connection

A bad internet connection will take away the experience of enjoying the Dreamforce event to the fullest. You will miss out on some parts and can’t fully participate in the live event on Twitter and all other social media platforms. So ensure your internet connection is stable and install all these Salesforce applications: Salesforce+ and Quip to enjoy and participate in the event as it is happening live.

5. Drinks and Snacks

The Dreamforce talks can be very long sometimes, you do not want to be standing up to go to the fridge or pantry during the talks. So have your water and snacks ready and in arms-length reach to avoid distractions, then seat back and enjoy!


Have your elevator pitch ready! Yes, you got that right, the Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 virtual event offers plenty of opportunities to connect with other people. In case there are specific individuals, clients, accomplices that you need to connect with, reach out to them ahead of time and organize to meet with them. Now that Dreamforce 2021 offers virtual encounters, it is much simpler to plan that meeting you always wanted.

Everyone at Commercient will be attending the Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 virtual event, reach out to us if you would like to connect with us, we will be happy to chat with you!

2019 is quickly drawing to a close. Let’s take the time to reflect on the year gone by with Commercient. Our company grew rapidly this year not only increasing our customer base but also our worldwide team. We hire talent from all over the world expanding our sales, support, IT and marketing teams. 

This year we’ve grown our partner channel by adding two major tech companies Intuit and HubSpot  in addition to the well over 80 Salesforce and Microsoft Consulting practices that also joined our partner network. If you would like to partner with us, please contact us.  In 2019 we launched two significant CRM exchanges, Zoho Marketplace and Sugar exchange. We also added 10 new Salesforce apps to our existing 16.  

In terms of technology, this year saw Commercient being awarded an Innovation Credit by Amazon Web Services. The Innovation Credit was used to roll out an AI-enhanced Commercient SYNC. This will deploy 4th generation technology to achieve more rapid implementations, enhanced customer experience, global market reach, and the ability to onboard many more customers faster.

We deployed a new AI program for data matching and deduplication, which is incredibly powerful, and therefore power-hungry. We required GPU cores to handle the millions of parallel operations needed to deliver intelligent decisions on how to match customers and products between systems. This process would have taken hours on traditional computers and servers, and add into that the human verification process.  The net result is that we can automate matching and deduplication of data in seconds instead of weeks, which is a huge help for new customers with disparate data between ERP and CRM systems.

On June 24, 2019 Commercient, won the Salesforce AppExchange Demo by popular vote! The 3-minute demo focused on SYNC, and was performed by Ken deLodzia, Commercient’s Senior Solutions Engineer. The AppExchange Demo Jam is a game show-style event where up to 8 Salesforce app partners perform a fast, 3-minute demo of their app. Attendees watching the demos vote for their favorite.

“The valuable data you guys are able to SYNC over is fantastic. Not only do you have the bi-directional SYNC going on, which is configurable as a one-way or two-way SYNC, but you are able to pull that data in a way that a customer service rep or a support rep is able to access, and utilize. Not only for the entitlement side, or the, ‘Hey, I need to get you a replacement order.’ You can see the order information from whatever ERP system you’re pulling from. Fantastic, very simple to use!”- Jeff Grosse, Salesforce MVP, and Demo Jam moderator.

Commercient was in attendance of multiple industry-leading conferences all over the world including Salesforce World Tour London, SYSPRO Wave, and Dreamforce.

Salesforce held its annual Dreamforce convention on November 19-22, 2019 in San Francisco. Our founders, Richard Jenkins, John Angove, and Corinne Allgaier as well as our Head of Partnerships Noah Thomas and Paul Barry, Senior Solutions Engineer were all in attendance. Over the four days, our team met with 18 potential customers, partners and loyal clients.

“Our customers love that we proactively monitor the synchronization” – John Angove CFO

As we prepare to close 2019, we reflect on Commercient’s place in the world as a global corporate citizen. At Commercient, with a global work staff, we believe in the ability of corporations to act as a platform for change, and we consider our collective roles as guardians of world climate health to be both urgent and critical. 

On a very practical basis, the urgency of the issue was brought home to us when Commercient CFOs were in Europe for a conference in July and were subjected to the intense heat waves across France, The Netherlands, and England. John Angove, Co-Founder, and his family were among those that became stuck on a train from Paris to Amsterdam. The railway lines were buckling, temperatures inside the carriage became intolerable and people were panicked. 

It is in this context that as individuals and as a corporation we strove in 2019 to make real and impactful contributions to conservation and climate efforts. In 2019 Commercient spread the joy by making contributions to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) when our customers gave us commendations. We participated in beach clean-ups, electronics recycling, climate protests,  and WWF campaigns. We got involved; our children got involved.

We’re thankful for all the opportunities we received in 2019 and all of the companies we managed to help with our SYNC solution. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to contact us if you are still looking for a data integration solution for 2019. 

The 17th Dreamforce event came to an end this previous Friday 22nd November 2019. Our founders, Richard Jenkins, John Angove, and Corinne Allgaier as well as our Head of Partnerships Noah Thomas and Paul Barry, Senior Solutions Engineer were all in attendance. Over the four days, our team met with 18 potential customers, partners and loyal clients. Meeting with current clients allows us to gain valuable feedback. 

“Our customers love that we proactively monitor the synchronization” – John Angove CFO

We kept all of our follwers updated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. In case you missed it, below are some of the highlights.

Some Big Announcements From Dreamforce

Salesforce introduced the new Customer 360 Truth. Which allows companies to compile all of their data across all sources so they can build an origin of truth about their customers. We at Commercient we look forward to integrating multiple ERPs with 360 truth.

They also announced a new analytics solution Salesforce’s Tableau. It is the complete analytics solution for everyone, everywhere, with any data.

The new Salesforce Mobile App provides a powerful user experience enabled by Einstein, with advanced analytics and features exclusive to iOS, including Siri shortcuts and Face ID.

Trailhead GO is the pioneer mobile app for Trailhead. Trailblazers can learn anywhere and at any time with more than 700 learning modules.

The new Salesforce Mobile SDK allows developers to quickly build and deploy native Salesforce apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

Einstein Voice Assistant: Einstein Voice Skills allows Salesforce admins to create custom versions of the Voice Assistant for every user. Voice-enabled AI makes gaining smart business insights easy.

Salesforce is expanding its partnership with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, which will improve customer service from every angle.

What We Loved About Dreamforce

The commercient team enjoyed listening to the innovative journeys of fellow Trailblazers. We were able to learn new ways to be more sustainable in our business practice and in our personal lives. We witnessed the fascinating discussion between U.S. President Barack Obama and Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff. On the 20th of November we saw Beck and Fleetwood Mac perform at the awesome Dreamfest UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals charity concert.

If you missed us at Dreamforce this year feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Commercient is looking forward to next year’s Dreamforce occurring between the 9th – 12th November 2020.

With 200,000 people attending Dreamforce in San Francisco this week, Commercient calculates that at least 15 business cards will change hands with each person in attendance. That equates to more than 3,000,000 business cards being handed out in one week alone, at one tradeshow.

What does this mean for the environment? 

Following its commitment with environmental causes and being on top of trending, emerging technologies, Commercient teamed up with Andres Espinoza from Affinity Business Cards to help reduce the use of wasteful paper business cards by replacing them with electronic business cards. 

How do NFC cards change the traditional concept of exchanging paper business cards at a trade show? Does it work? Besides helping the environment, electronic business cards ensure that the contact information you just shared with the person you just met is not lost. It’s stored in the cloud, so no matter how many flyers, printed business cards or promotional materials you carry, electronic business cards will keep that valuable information saved.

Richard Jenkins, Co-founder of Commercient, sees this “as a chance for trade show sponsors and attendees to comfortably reduce their paper waste while improving the digital interaction. In the Tradeshow industry the free giveaways, trinkets, toys, flyers and cards are commonly referred to as ‘landfill’ because that is where the vast majority ends up within a few days of the show, but we realized that it isn’t necessary.”

With the recent NFC capability across iOS and Android, and with QR as a backup, there is no need for paper flyers or paper business cards anymore. In fact printed paper materials are dead upon printing. 

“Within minutes of Andrew showing me the digital cards the light went on for sustainable trade-show attendance. With a touch of the NFC card to the phone we can push a website, contact card, LinkedIn profile, video, landing page, or flyer. Unlike printed paper cards, with NFC Affinity Business Cards we can update and refresh the information at any time. We are going to be doing our part to share information responsibly at tradeshows while reducing unnecessary waste,” he said. 

Richard Jenkins also stated that Commercient has a goal to be completely free of printed materials by 2020 for all trade shows. “At Dreamforce 2019 alone our Commercient team will reduce the use of over 1,000 business cards over a 5 day period.”

How Do NFC Cards Work?

  • * These are plastic business cards used to Tap against an Android or an iPhone (they also have a QR code for phone models that don’t have NFC chips). 
  • * It lets you send people your contact details with a tap or just point your camera at the QR on the back (no app required), without paper cards (this saves the environment and the landfill because peopel throw them out after a show). 
  • * This also lets you immediately say “great, now that my contact is on your screen, just shoot me a message and I will get back to you next week after the show”.

So no more lost business cards with valuable contact information. Partner with technology, get the most out of Dreamforce and other trade shows and create a positive environmental impact.

Meet Einstein at Dreamforce 2019. No Salesforce hasn’t reanimated the theoretical physicist as a late Halloween prank. Einstein is the Salesforce AI application that absorbs and processes information with an automation capability. Introduced in 2017, it delivers accurate predictions and in-depth understandings of customers. This results in suggestions that are customized to customer’s unique needs.

Commercient will be at Dreamforce, and you can meet the Executive Team to explore how SYNC enhances Salesforce technology connecting it to your ERP. There are new, exciting changes coming up regarding AI and VR for customer experience, so schedule your meeting to find out. 

Benefits of AI

Why are industry leaders are implementing their own Artificial Intelligence? 

28% of organizations that leverage AI find it useful in data security. 24% of AI use cases use real-time analytics to find fraudulent transactions, product offers, dynamic pricing, and more. Another 24% of companies create personalized data visualizations and dashboards with the help of AI. 23% find that  AI and machine learning can analyze data, see patterns and predict outcomes. Another 23% of use cases discovered AI can predict sales and revenue. The final 20% of 600 executives surveyed by TIBCO adopt AI for personal security.

In the future, all communications with customers will be dealt with by AI smart enough to pass the Turing Test. An AI won’t become overwhelmed by an irate customer, it will be able to deal with any hurdles in a quick, calm and professional manner. Unlike humans who have pesky needs that need to be dealt with on a daily basis, an AI can work 24/7 without rest or nourishment. This can come in handy if your company boasts having customers all over the world, who require assistance at any time.       

Some companies are confident enough in their AI to allow them to make decisions without “human-error” regarding operations. AI is able to operate other technologies that increase automation in business. WorkFusion is a company that offers AI-driven automation to businesses wishing to automate operations and upgrade customer experience.

How to actualize AI

“You need a lot of data to train AI to do that… if you don’t have that data you’re not going to be able to build an AI system,” Henry Baltazar is a Research Vice President for the Storage Channel at 451 Research. Many companies big and small struggle with siloed data, especially between ERP & CRM systems. For an AI system to learn and adapt in needs easy access to all the data your company has accumulated thus far and will gather in the future. With your ERP and CRM systems integrated with Commercient SYNC, you’ll free your company’s vital data, and have a 360-degree view of sales and marketing. With Commercient you can view important ERP data directly in CRM, including customer information, sales history, invoicing, terms, A/R information, serial numbers invoiced, inventory, multiple ship-to addresses, and more. Integration is an important step in AI implementation. Contact Us to discover the best solution to connect your two systems.

There is no need to be intimidated by the thought of implementing your own AI. With Salesforce’s myEinstein you can create your own custom AI-powered apps. Leverage your Salesforce data and solve your unique business challenges. Commercient integrates Salesforce with +85 ERPs with our unique data integration apps.

Dreamforce is coming. Very soon. In about a month, this world-class event will take place in San Francisco, packed with tons of knowledge, learning and inspiration for thriving businesses wishing to catch the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Book a meeting with us at Dreamforce to discuss your ERP & Salesforce data integration.

With so many options in just three days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything available. So, in order to prevent that, you better start preparing soon. 

There are some useful tips we’d like to share to help you get the most out of this yearly event:

Download the Salesforce Events app

Dreamforce produces exciting mobile-first content, so here is where your smartphone should shine. Leave your laptop at home, you’ll be more worried about losing your laptop than using it. The Salesforce Events app is the best way to stay connected to everything happening while you are onsite at Dreamforce. Use the app to personalize your schedule and the interactive map to find everything you need at Dreamforce.

Buy new shoes

At Dreamforce, it’s easy to say you’ll be walking 5+ miles a day. It’s important to prioritize the health of your feet. Do not punish yourself by wearing uncomfortable formal footwear during this event. Invest in a pair of sneakers that you can dress up or dress down.

Buy a portable phone charger 

As discussed above, your phone will be your biggest ally during Dreamforce. Even though plug points will be readily available throughout the conference you don’t want to be tethered to one point which risks the fear of missing out. MOPHIE POWERSTATION PD XL– can charge up to 2.5x faster than traditional battery packs. RAVPOWER USB-C POWER BANK 26800 PD– The best portable charger for lots of power on a budget.

Create a schedule for yourself.

Dreamforce boasts countless speakers, breakout sessions, events, and meetings. It’s easy to be swept up by all these things going on. Firstly decide on your goals for Dreamforce? Do you want to learn about what Salesforce has to offer? Network with trailblazers like yourself? Attend events specific to your industry? Create an agenda with some wiggle room. You don’t want to be booked back to back as you may miss something important. Dreamforce is exhausting but above all, it’s fun. To get the most out of Dreamforce 2019, provided you do a little prep, it shouldn’t be too stressful.

Bring Business Cards & a Notebook

Great networking is a powerful muscle to flex during Dreamforce. It is the largest event of Salesforce and offers you the best stage to meet fellow trailblazers to discuss best practices. Dreamforce is an amazing opportunity to reach your audience. Make sure you’re not forgotten in the crowd, have your business cards at hand. Keep a pen and notebook handy to make notes, during keynote speeches, events or even casual discussions. You never know when inspiration will strike during Dreamforce.

Buy a Clipper Card 

Dreamforce is held in multiple venues in downtown San Francisco. San Francisco’s network of fuel-efficient Muni buses is the fastest way to get around San Francisco. Clipper Card is the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area. It’s accepted by all public transport in the Bay Area including Muni.

Book your meeting with Commercient 

Commercient Executive Team will be in attendance. Speak with us to learn about how SYNC connects Salesforce with +85 ERPs. Our product updates and what’s new at Commercient, book your meeting here.


If your company leverages Salesforce you may have seen the term Dreamforce floating around. So what is Dreamforce and why are people so excited about it? 

Dreamforce gathers all the key movers and shakers within Salesforce including customers, partners, employees, and key stakeholders. The most innovative technology conference in the world spans Tuesday, November 19, 2019–Friday, November 22, 2019. 

Dreamforce provides tailored content for every industry, role, and company size. Attend some of the +2000 sessions and workshops available, listen and learn from some of the best keynote speakers to spark your creative business mind.

After a long day of soaking up all that Dreamforce has to offer the fun doesn’t stop there. Why not join one of the parties or happy hours all over San Francisco. Metallica, U2 or Bruno Mars fans have seen them at Dreamfest before, so we can’t wait to find out which ones will be there this year, on Wednesday 11/20 7 pm – 10 pm.

That’s not all. Did we mention that Commercient will be attending? One of the main reasons you should attend Dreamforce is to learn how to save time, save money and win more deals with Commercient. Our founders, Richard Jenkins, John Angove, and Corinne Allgaier as well as our Head of Partnerships Noah Thomas and Paul Barry, Senior Solutions Engineer will be attending the four-day conference and would love to meet and network with you. If you are unable to make the event you can contact us at any time to discover how to integrate your ERP or accounting system with Salesforce. 

Sessions we’re excited about:

  • Breakout – 5 Reasons Why Digital Transformations Fail (And How to Avoid Them)
  • Theater – 5 Signs It’s Time For CPQ (1)
  • Breakout – 5 Steps to Get Back on the Track of Innovation, feat. Philips Electronics
  • Theater – 5 Ways to Boost Sales Productivity with Quip for Salesforce

How to attend?

Now that we’ve sold you on the idea how does one get into Dreamforce? Unfortunately, The full conference passes have sold out, but you can experience Dreamforce with a free Expo+ pass, or virtually through the Salesforce LIVE broadcast.

Where to go?

With Dreamforce you aren’t stuck in one stuffy conference hall for four days. The Dreamforce Campus comprises multiple venues in downtown San Francisco, including the Moscone Center, Marriott Marquis, InterContinental and more!

Remember to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Dreamforce attendees can secure discounted rates when they book accommodation during registration. 

What to do?

With all that’s going on at Dreamforce, we highly doubt you’ll be bored. For information on things to do during your stay in San Francisco, check out the San Francisco Travel website.

Dreamforce Parties:

What? Dreamforce 2019 Karaoke for a Cause When? Mon, Nov 18th 2019 at 7:30 -11:30pm Where? Pandora Karaoke & Bar 50 Mason St

What? Anaplan Kickoff Party  When? Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 4:00-7:00 pm PST Where? Anaplan Headquarters, 50 Hawthorne Street

What? Party at Temple When? Nov 21, 9PM PST – Nov 22, 12:30AM Where? 2019 Temple Nightclub 540 Howard Street

Networking can be hungry work, why not patronage a few of our favorites found around Dreamforce venues. 

Where to eat:

  • Spin at 690 Folsom St. offers light snacks and a whole lot of ping pong.
  • Tropisueño Mexican Kitchen at 75 Yerba Buena Lane offers you a quick and easy Taqueria and a beautiful Mexican restaurant all under one roof.
  • The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant at 198 Fifth Street bosts being the best pub in San Francisco
  • Sushirrito at 59 New Montgomery St cant choose between sushi or a burrito, Sushirrito has you covered.

It’s clear to see that Dreamforce is the greatest networking event of the year. We at Commercient hope to get the opportunity to meet with you at Dreamforce 2019.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Meeting

Wow! Dreamforce 2018 was on fire! An army of Trailblazers gathered in San Francisco in the tens of thousands for the biggest and the greatest Dreamforce ever! And the Commercient team was there as an exhibitor.

The Commercient Team meets with customers, prospects and partners

Commercient met with customers, partners and prospects at our booth. There, we discussed and demonstrated Commercient SYNC, our leading Salesforce integration app for over 85 ERP’s. We also introduced our new Partner Program, which you can learn about here.

In addition, we showcased IoT Pulse, which connects your ERP to over 815 apps, and our eCommerce solutions, SYNC for Magento and Sync2Pay.

The Commercient Team meets with Salesforce’s Keri

The Commercient team also attended the following events and keynotes:

  • Financial Force meeting at Fogo de Chao
  • Benioff Keynote
  • Dreamfest concert
  • 1% Pledge team meeting
  • Bluewolf Success Reception
  • AppBash party

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, Marc Benioff, Chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce, got on stage and gave his most important speech of the year for the official “Celebration of Trailblazers” keynote. The Fourth Industrial Revolution was the highlight of his address.

“Everyone has to come in for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s inclusive capitalism. Capitalism means we’re all going together into the future. We are leaving no-one behind.

“In a world where technology is taking us over and in a world where technology through the Fourth Industrial Revolution is grabbing us, realize that we all have a higher responsibility to ask that question, especially to see the gambits that are unfolding before us, especially as Artificial Intelligence gets released into the world.

“All of us have to ask the question – what is really important to us? What is the most important thing? What are our values? What are we going to stand for?”

Marc Benioff’s words moved and inspired Trailblazers to transform the way they do business, and make the world a better place.

Commercient Co-Founder John Angove talking to a customer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening right now, and it’s changing everything. Technology is changing; everything and everyone is connected – all the time, everywhere.

Commercient is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we are ready for it. We are blazing a trail towards connection and integration.

At the Pledge 1% area with Commercient’s Corinne Allgaier, John Angove and Richard Jenkins

Salesforce is all about the 1% pledge, and our 1% pledge is about doing well and doing good. Doing well in business and also doing good in the world. It’s about expressing our values, and being aligned with our values. We have a higher responsibility to ask ourselves the question, what is really important to us?

Which is why Commercient leadership is committed to community efforts with Girls Inc, Habitat for Humanity, and the mental health advocacy group, NAMI Georgia. Commercient is committed to being involved in organizations that strive for human dignity and well-being.

Commercient’s Alex Damron and Richard Jenkins before the concert

On Wednesday night, legendary performers Metallica and Janet Jackson rocked the Dreamfest charity concerts in aid of the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. The concerts were followed by an after party inside City Hall, which had Trailblazers partying up a storm until the early hours of the morning.

The conference ended on Friday with Dreamtalks from the likes of Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington and Jack Kornfield.

The Commercient Team at Dreamforce

After four days of fun and excitement, the Commercient team and other Trailblazers left the conference feeling tired, informed, inspired and motivated.

If you did not attend Dreamforce 2018, be sure to make it for next year’s conference. We hope to see you there!

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