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Continuing our series on Dreamforce, let’s rewind into what made this year’s Dreamforce Keynote, superstar to take note of. Marching on to make the world a better place – Dreamforce 2022 was about Salesforce sticking to its core values – Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and Sustainability.

Conceptualized around these and titled as “The Great Reunion,” the keynote marked “a new day” for business, environment, Trailblazers, work, and Customer 360.

Crafted into perfect melody – the Dreamforce Keynote ushered in Innovation and Inspiration while delivering on each of the above.

Here are the highlights from approximate 2-hour session –

You can watch the full session on Salesforce+.

Dreamforce 2022 Highlights

Creating Magic with Salesforce Genie

On average, a company uses 976 apps to deal with its customers, meaning one individual would have hundreds of identities across these apps. (A huge number, right!)

To reconcile these into one clean record of your customer’s data, Salesforce announced the ground-breaking announcement since its inception, the Salesforce Genie – the single source of truth for your customer’s data.

Positioning the Salesforce CRM as the world’s first real-time CRM, focusing on hyper-personalization, and creating a unified customer profile – with its dynamic workflows (Salesforce CDP extended) and Einstein’s predictions and recommendations – all happening in real-time. 

Moreover, it integrates with the entire Customer 360 and the Salesforce industry cloud offerings.

Connecting data streams at an infinite scale. 

As Brett Tyler, Salesforce Co-CEO, states, “Salesforce Genie is the real-time platform for customer magic. We’ve completely re-imagined our CRM, from the ground up – to enable the real time capabilities that will enable all of you to build applications that simply weren’t possible before.”

To make it more impactful, Salesforce used two powerful customer stories of how Ford and Loreal, the giants in their respective fields are revolutionizing the way they operate with the power of the all-new Salesforce Genie.

Truly, “a new day for customer magic.”

Note – It’s generally available now.

True to the Core

To address the concerns of the enthusiastic Trailblazers, who at one of the previous Dreamforce Conferences, asked Parker Harris, Co-founder and CTO, Salesforce, “Shiny new things are nice, but what has been done to solve the community’s challenges?”

“True to the Core” was formed. An unfiltered view into Salesforce through “ask me anything” sessions with the company’s executives and product managers.

To this date, this has resulted in over 300 innovations, and this year was no less! Significant efforts have been made to integrate acquisitions onto the core platform. Learn about others in the image below.


Hyperforce is a secure, scalable, privacy and compliance built-in platform architecture to deliver the Salesforce Cloud products on major cloud systems like AWS, Azure, and Google.

The new goal is to enable you to deploy your Salesforce Apps with data residency in 17 countries by the end of 2023 (currently in 10 countries).

Net Zero Marketplace (+Cloud)

“A new day for the Environment.”

And the Salesforce are putting it in action –

Great Reforestation – through 1t.org, the goal is to conserve and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030 and to sequester 200 gigatons of carbon.

Net Zero Cloud Marketplace – It will connect buyers and Ecopreneurs and will launch 90 projects in 11 countries.

Net Zero Cloud – A way to help organizations meet their sustainability goals – by managing the sustainability data, automating supplier emissions tracking and forecast, and reducing risk, with the power of Tableau’s What-if Analysis and Einstein’s Recommendations.

Note: It’s generally available.

In addition to the above, Salesforce is scaling its Ocean Research Program.

Digital HQ a.k.a. the Slack Imperative

“[At Salesforce, it was] how can we help you navigate the new future of work.” Tamara Yehoshua, Chief Product Officer, Slack.

With a myriad of new capabilities, that’s what Slack will deliver.

Slack Canvases

They are “surface to capture and share knowledge [with] the ability to access and take action on Salesforce data directly in Slack.”

Or simply put, a new persistent layer of information, alongside your Slack Channel. You can also create a Canvas and share it in a DM or a channel, itself.

The Canvas lets you connect systems of record like Customer 360 and productivity systems within Slack.

Now without leaving Slack – you and your team can generate automation, build low or no-code apps, find information about a customer like an incident or issue through service cloud integrations, and so much more. 

Yes, much like Quip, which is now natively integrated into Slack.

In the future, Salesforce has plans to make the 2500+ apps work with Slack Canvas (how cool!)

(You can read more about Slack Canvas in this blog.)

And then there is more.

Slack Huddles

Huddles brings in what we loved about being in the office – to be able to jump in any conversations – into the Digital [Office] HQ.

The audio-first coworking has been enhanced to include videos, multiple screen shares, visual effects and reactions, post-huddle threads to never miss a conversation, and has Canvas attached so no one misses the conversation because it’s there.

To make Slack, the powerful Digital HQ, 15 new integrations are being introduced into it.

Summing up this year’s ‘Magical’ Dreamforce Keynote

From the outset, Salesforce has delivered what they’ve promised. That’s what has made them the successful organization they are today! And it’s exciting for Commercient, the number one data integration company to be partners with the gigantic organization that Salesforce is. 

And that’s how the Impressive Dreamforce Keynote catapulted into the week full of immersive experiences – an incredible Reunion indeed!

Dreamforce 2022 is now behind us, but the lessons learned will stay with us for a long time. What is Dreamforce? It is “an annual event that brings together the global Salesforce community for learning, fun, community building, and philanthropy. Trailblazers from all over the world gather to share their insights, successes, and learn the latest in industry innovations.” Meaning it’s about connection. 

At Commercient, we know all about connection. That is what we do, by integrating Salesforce and ERP systems with SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. Commercient Co-Founders Corrine Allgaier and Richard Jenkins had the pleasure of attending Dreamforce this year. The first live event since 2019.

Our team at Dreamforce

Amazing Trailblazers in the Spotlight

One of the focus points of this year’s Dreamforce is the spotlight on Trailblazers, who are pioneers in their field or endeavor. Someone that opens the door for all those that come behind them. Sima Samara was one such Trailblazer and a part of the keynote speech of Dreamforce 2022. A software engineer who after leaving her country focused on helping refugees. 

“The story of Sima Samara, a refugee who moved to the Netherlands in the face of threatening oppression, who became a Trailblazer, and was now standing on stage during the keynote, will always be a striking memory from Dreamforce 2022,” remarked Allgaier.

“She reminded me of myself in some ways, although I never faced such hardship in the face of moving countries,” Allgaier continued, “but I understood her motivation and how she took the opportunity of Trailhead with both hands and held on.

“Sima’s story represents how I feel about Salesforce and this wonderful community of people who embrace diversity, who value innovation and creativity, and who believe in the infinite human potential,” concluded Allgaier.

Dreamforce and Connection

Adversity can help us grow but so can community. It is standing side by side that we can overcome our problems. Because no man is an island. We have to work together if we want to create a better world. And as Allgaier says, reach our infinite potential. Dreamforce gave Commercient the chance to connect with people who speak the same language and have the same goals. 

“For me, Dreamforce was about connecting with people. We met with partners and customers, and we talked about everything from technology, to music and art and even vinyl records,” said Corinne Allgaier. “They were real conversations. I learned so much from others about the challenges they are facing, and about opportunities for our company of which I had not been aware. Dreamforce 2022 was epic.”

Among the highlights for Dreamforce 2022 was the big announcement of the Salesforce Genie. Genie spans across the entire Salesforce platform and offers real-time data to enhance the Customer 360.

Dreamforce 2022 gives back

Other new features include those for Slack, making it more business-friendly and helping companies boost their productivity. These include Slack Canvas, Slack Huddles and Slack for Developers.

There was also an announcement of the integration between Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce. And of course it’s not just about business. Dreamforce is dedicated to giving back. Which is why they hosted Dreamfest, the official celebration of Dreamforce with a concert by Red Hot Chili Peppers. All the proceeds of the event were donated to USCF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

It was an experience like no other. One that allowed for learning, connection and most of all — a week of memories that will never be forgotten.