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Sports memorabilia has been around longer than most of us as it reportedly has been around since the first decades of the 20th Century. You can find Atlanta Braves merchandise anywhere from Etsy to Sotheby’s, from eBay to their official store

We all love owning mementos from the things that we love. We may love something deeply enough to want and buy merchandise. It’s one of the few things that connect all the hard-core fans. 

Music fans will collect vinyl, posters, and things connected to their favorite band or artist. Television fans will buy merchandise from their favorite shows, like a Richmond jersey from Ted Lasso or multiple direwolves from Game of Thrones. Readers collect different editions of their favorite books. And sports fans? They collect memorabilia and other kinds of merchandise.  

We love these things because they connect us with what we cherish or a memory that we hold fondly in our hearts. As human beings we thrive on memories of joyful times. Sports fans are not immune to that, and certainly not the Atlanta Braves fans! 

As an Atlanta-based company, Commercient is incredibly proud of the Braves for winning the World Series this year, and also for being one of our valued customers! We love them, and we love the merchandise as well.

And, just like with everything else, there are hierarchies. Signed objects are worth more than other items that aren’t. If it’s a “game-used” item (aka something that was used by someone either during practice or a game) it’s also worth a lot. If it’s something that is even slightly related to Babe Ruth then it’s worth the most.  

Winning teams are great for memorabilia, as is the case of the Atlanta Braves who just won the World Series this year. According to a tweet from Sportico’s Eben Novy-Williams, Fanatics sold more Braves merchandise in the first 30 minutes after the last out than any other World Series champion, which is quite impressive.

If you wanted to get something from the Braves, there is currently quite a lot available with plenty of variety. From classic items like baseball cards and championship autographs to a pen with dirt from the World Series infield inside. You could get a baseball jersey, shirt, or ball cap to show your allegiance or a bobblehead for your desk. There are plenty of options to choose from, even if the cost can sometimes be high.

But for a piece of a team, you love? It’s definitely worth it.

Did you know that a lack of cohesion can lead to trouble down the road? The problems that come with data scattered in countless spreadsheets, which makes it difficult to keep track of the sales pipeline. Quantity tends to overcome quality because you open one spreadsheet, and then you open another, then another… And so it goes. 

Soon enough you can’t even remember what information is in which spreadsheet. So you’re stuck open a mountain of spreadsheets until you find the one thing you actually need. Well, that is — if you manage to find it before the frustration overwhelms you. 

One company that had this problem is AccuTec Blades, and thanks to Commercient SYNC ERP and CRM data integration, their processes have been streamlined. And Salesforce helped eliminate the use of spreadsheets.

This company was founded in 1875 under the name Star Razor Company. They started with razors and then moved up to bigger things, and with that move came a change of location. They went from Brooklyn to Virginia. 

Their products went from razors to high-performance blades and other bladed products. The name changed in 2015, and they serve multiple industries like Manufacturing, Flooring, Medical Device Manufacturing, Food Processing, and, of course, Medical. Making blades is in their DNA and they have the legacy to prove it. 

But what about their software? 

What could they get that wasn’t complicated for their team and could actually help them in their business? First, they went with Plex Online, a great manufacturing ERP system, and then they chose Salesforce Professional, which was very useful in their journey to modernize and streamline their processes. 

“Salesforce helps move our team away from spreadsheets, which are great for certain things” explained Garnett Andes, Director of IT at AccuTec Blades.

“However, it’s much easier and more powerful to be working in Salesforce than juggling emails and spreadsheets.”

With Plex Online and Salesforce, they have made great progress. But how could they bring the two systems together? There’s power in systems talking to each other, and that’s where Commercient SYNC comes in to help steer the ship in the right direction. 

SYNC gives the team at AccuTec Blades immediate access to their Plex data right in Salesforce, including customer accounting records, sales history, invoicing, item master, price level, inventory, contacts, and more.

Plus, to help eliminate double data entry, any new sales orders and accounts created in Salesforce are SYNC’d to Plex. This also ensures the accuracy of data.

 “Commercient gives our salespeople what they need by bringing Plex data to Salesforce. They have visibility of what’s in the pipeline and what they’re working on with quotes,” explained Garnett Andes. “SYNC helps to get us down to two systems.” 

“We have the tools in the box to handle the new economy that we are going after,” said Andes. “And we’re heading in the direction we want to go as a company.”

Are you envisioning a different direction for your business? The right tools will make it all easier! Contact us to schedule a free demo and see how SYNC can help you to get where your company wants to be.

Businesses are finding it hard to keep up with the shift in consumer demand. With the advancement of technology, customers have increased their expectations for personalization, service, responsiveness, and delivery. For your business to be successful, you need to build strong relationships with your customers. But how do you do that? The obvious answer is by using a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

A traditional CRM database was used to achieve goals more straightforwardly. Initially, it was only used for gathering, storing, and structuring data for easy access. It didn’t play any role in the process of analysis and interpretation of data to provide meaningful insight.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a vital requirement for large and growing businesses operating in a competitive market. A variety of tools and software enables the sales and marketing department to build and strengthen customer relationships. 

Artificial Intelligence has made it easier to predict user behavior and needs. AI combined with CRM enable businesses to enhance their customer relationships. Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to the ability of machines to think and understand like humans. We have now provided machines with some capabilities that can do much more than just collecting and storing of data. With the help of AI, a system can process a huge chunk of data, analyze it and detect patterns to predict behavior, and also use the same insight to calculate risk.

AI has great potential to boost the output of CRM tools. AI can provide a clear view of the customer’s entire journey from the prospect stage to retention. Artificial Intelligence is steadily redefining the future of CRM systems. With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, the field of automation is becoming broader. It prompts customer relationship stakeholders to focus on more pressing issues. In short, it will elevate the customer experience from the first touchpoint to after-sales service.

How AI is Redefining the Future of Customer Service

Intelligent Automation: AI coupled with CRM will enable organizations to restructure their workflow and automate manual processes intelligently. It can be used to evaluate sales funnels, predict customer behavior, and predict ROI with maximum accuracy. With predictive analysis, AI can enable businesses to use historical data to make predictions about the future and take relevant actions.

As mentioned before, AI can help predict customers’ behavior based on past interactions. It uses the same insights to evaluate the sales funnels and forecast market dynamics with maximum accuracy, allowing businesses to take relevant actions that will have a positive impact, restructuring, and automating the workflow, depending on the insights. For instance, it can help with lead scoring and assist in lead segmentation based on demographics, sales records, and more. 

Efficient Management of Data: Nowadays, a vast amount of information is generated every hour by interactions with consumers. This data can be used to gain insights into predicting buyer’s behavior and formulate your business strategies accordingly.

Artificial intelligence is a useful resource when it comes to collecting and processing a massive amount of data. AI can help centralize all data from different social channels and digital interfaces into a single platform — CRM. It can then easily interpret and analyze them and provide value to the company’s objective. 

In essence, it will help effortlessly manage the marketing department by enabling them to respond to customers more quickly and efficiently. 

Advanced Customer Service Capabilities with NLP: Natural Language Processing is defined as a type of machine learning. It understands words, sentences, and the context of your customer care queries. As a subset of artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing interprets and analyzes customer’s verbal statements. When it’s done, it provides them with an answer without any human intervention.

Natural language processing in Artificial Intelligence is an essential speech recognition capability that can read, convert, and make sense of human languages. NLP can help the CRM system to meaningfully analyze the textual context of customer emails and send them a precise response and it can also provide real-time advice for sales pitches. NLP combined with CRM tools can help businesses to reveal their brand sentiments accurately, which will ultimately affect marketing efforts. 

Transform your Business with Our Artificial Intelligence and CRM Expertise

Commercient provides CRM and ERP software integration solutions. We integrate +85 ERPs with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, and HubSpot CRM.

Commercient’s out-of-the-box “SYNC app”  is so easy to install. There’s no coding, no mapping, and no servers to manage on your end. Just download and go with easy access to sales and customer data when and where you need it.

Commercient SYNC can be set up to synchronize your ERP and CRM data as frequently as your business requires, once a day, every hour, or in real-time. SYNC is configurable to your company’s unique needs.

Examples of AI and CRM

Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Einstein is the first comprehensive AI for CRM that is designed for business to be smarter and more predictive about potential customers. Einstein is powered by deep learning, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Data Mining.

Zoho: Zoho has a conversational AI assistant called Zia. It assists customers with everything from simple responses to complex analytics. We at Commercient integrate Zoho products with CRM systems to manage products, sales, marketing, recruitment, social media, and more.

Sugar CRM: Sugar CRM has recently launched an AI product called Hint. It automatically searches, tunes, and inputs personal and corporate profile details of prospective customers.


A CRM is considered as the backbone of any business organization. In the end, you will see a vast improvement in the company’s bottom line. Investing in AI can help your business optimize various back-office processes –  your business will improve customer service, improve customer engagement, and increase retention rates. Artificial intelligence will help create a better experience for both customers and sales representatives. The combination of AI and customer relationship management is a gateway to a profitable business.