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There is no longer a need to manually enter transactions from one platform to another, reconcile accounts, or update your accounting, CRM, or ERP systems – those days are over. You can now take credit card payments in Salesforce.

With integrated payments, it’s possible to automate these steps so that payment processing, accounting and customer relationship management all work together seamlessly. Commercient offers a payment processing solution to complete your ERP and Salesforce integration, and provide you with the credit card service for CRM and ERP you’re looking for.

Here are 5 key benefits you’ll enjoy using our Commercient’s Sync2Pay solution to take credit card payments in Salesforce.


Take Quicker Payments

Commercient’s Salesforce CRM Sync2Pay solution enables you to process payments against invoices, orders, and customers from any software package, in the cloud or on premise.

It shortens the order processing cycle, which will help you to increase customer satisfaction. It’s fast and secure, and will keep your payment processes running smoothly.


Experience Less Fraud

Our Sync2Pay solution will also reduce the risk of potential fraud during processing.

It will allow companies to process transactions without having employees inside of their accounting system. With this, your systems will have greater security and less risk.


Reduce Errors

If you manually enter and reconcile payments with accounting, CRM, or other solutions, you will waste a lot of time with redundant data entry, and increase the likelihood of human error.

With Sync2Pay, you can reduce the number of systems you use, access all customer data from one source and save time and improve data reliability.

You can avoid having redundant entries, calculation mistakes and misplaced invoices. Commercient will help you sync payments from multiple Points of Sale (POS), and allow accountants to get the full reconciliation in the accounting ERP’s bank reconciliation sub ledgers, accounts, or the General Ledger (GL).


Get A Better View Of Your Business

You’ll gain more financial visibility and control when you integrate payment processing information with accounting or another business solution. You will have the capability to create more up-to-date and accurate reports.

However, if your payment system isn’t integrated, then processing, accounting and marketing all exist in separate silos, and will create more work for you in trying to figure out where your money is going and why it’s going there.

So, if you use our Sync2Pay solution, you will be able to gain much greater visibility into your finances, which can help you scale up and improve your marketing efforts accordingly.



Companies can benefit greatly from processing payments inside of CRM and with our Sync2Pay solution, you’ll enjoy the ability to integrate as lightly or as in depth as you wish. For more information on our Sync2Pay solution or if you are interested in any of our integration apps, we’re only a phone call, chat, or email away.