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‘Tis the season…when you’re given a specific budget and asked to go shopping for a coworker you may not know very well. Nobody wants to give a lame gift at Christmas. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a list of 10 Secret Santa gift ideas guaranteed to make you the life of the holiday office party this year (and help you stay under budget).

Without further ado, here are 10 awesome gifts to give your coworkers this holiday season under $25:

1. Starbucks Christmas Blend, Ground. In our humble opinion, you can never go wrong giving coffee. Sweet nectar of the gods, coffee is what keeps most of us going year ‘round. Why don’t you surprise your coworker this year with a specially roasted Starbucks Christmas Blend? Price, $14.95

2. World View Etched Globe Paperweight. So you drew your new boss’s name from the hat and you have no idea what you should shop for. No worries, this hand-etched glass Globe Paperweight will fit in beautifully on most desks and it looks much more expensive than it actually is. Price, $12.38

3.Printed Socks. This one’s hard to top. Everybody needs socks and you can find a printed pair to fit almost every personality in your office. Pugs Not Drugs, kids. Price, $8.00

4. Star Wars Tervis Tumbler. We’re willing to bet money that you work with at least one person who either A) travels a lot and likes to take their coffee with them, B) is a Star Wars fan, or C) falls into both categories. If you’re this person’s Secret Santa, use the Force and gift them this super cool Star Wars Travel Tumbler this Christmas. Price, $23.99

5. Minimergency Kit. Minimergency Kits contain everything a girl could need for an office emergency such as breath freshener, pain reliever, double sided tape and more. And good news fellas, Pinch Provisions makes Minimergency kits for you too! Price, $16.00 – $18.00

6. Bourbon Marshmallows. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find Bourbon Marshmallows under the tree with their name on the package? Bourbon Marshmallows come in boozy and sweet flavors. They’re all tasty enough to eat straight from the box. Price, $7.95

7. Truffle Tasting Set. Sticking with sweets for a moment, because they’re a go-to holiday gift every year, consider sharing the joy of Godiva’s Nut Lovers Truffle Flight with a coworker this season. Pistachio is where it’s at. You’ll probably be best friend’s for life after giving this gift. Price, $16.00

8. Aukey Portable Power Bank Charger. Because who doesn’t need a backup battery pack in today’s world? Aukey’s 12000 mAh portable power bank is compatible with almost any smartphone and the perfect Secret Santa gift for your favorite office gadget guru. Price, $14.99

9. Mug Warmer. This quite possibly the most useful thing on this list. We don’t know about your place of work, but there’s several people around the Commercient office who could use one of these bad boys. The Mug Warmer perfect for the busy go-getter who just can’t ever seem to finish their coffee or tea before it gets cold. Price, $7.99

10. There’s A Chance This Could Be Vodka Mug. This is a great gift for any one of your coworkers. Keep people guessing (especially the interns) and keep the atmosphere light and jolly this holiday season. You can order yours from Amazon. Price, $10.99


– Happy Holidays from Commercient!

December is finally here and the countdown to Christmas has begun! It’s the season of goodwill and giving, and that means it’s also the season of holiday parties, finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, and all of your favorite holiday sweets and treats. In addition to this, it’s also one of the busiest times of year for business managers.

While the Christmas season is a special time of year to spend with friends and family it also represents a huge business opportunity for companies everywhere. As a business manager, you want to capitalize on the benefits of the season, but when was the last time you updated your holiday business management guide?

Before you allow visions of sugar plums to start dancing in your head, why don’t you give these four tips for managing your business during the holidays a try?

  • Automate Everything
    Anything and everything that can be automated during the holiday season should be automated. If you’re in retail or manufacturing, chances are you’re going to be working at breakneck speed during the build-up to Christmas with less staff than usual. Minimize manual processes, save time, and ensure a consistent experience for your customers over the holidays.
  • Be Flexible
    No matter how much time you’ve spent planning and preparing for the holidays, something unforseen is going to happen. So plan for that too! Remember to keep your cool and have some fundamental steps in place to help you handle the unexpected. Ensure your team is equipped to deal with the most likely problems you could face and have a pre-drawn plan of action prepared in the event one pops up.
  • Keep Track Of Sales And Expenses
    Things are going to be moving quickly and that can make it more difficult than usual to stay on-top of everyday business tasks. Again, this is where automation and technology can lend a helping hand. It’s important that business managers to have the proper tools in place to help keep track of unexpected, last minute expenses.

Get In The Christmas Spirit
This should be the easiest tip to implement on this list. It’s also the most important. Business manager or not, everybody has the power to bring a little Christmas cheer to work during the season. Your attitude will spread to your co-workers and customers and no matter how busy you are this year, it can still be just as enjoyable as ever.

We’re kicking off the month of December with a revealing post about how Santa really keeps the North Pole running so smoothly! Okay, maybe we don’t know exactly how the big man runs his show but in the spirit of the holiday season we can use him as an example regarding how integrating your ERP and CRM system will benefit your business.

Secrets From Santa’s Workshop

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus stays so organized during the mad rush of the holiday season? How does he manage his workers and activity so efficiently during this busy time? It’s no surprise to us – he operates out of a fully integrated ERP and CRM software system.

By integrating his ERP and CRM software together and leveraging this power, Santa is able to ensure the workshop is running smoothly, efficiently, and all of his workers are happy – because we all know happy and engaged elves equal happy children on Christmas day.

Here are five secrets to integrating ERP and CRM software that help ole’ St. Nick overcome global delivery issues, mission-critical deadlines, seasonal spikes, and a sugar-crazed, distributed workforce:

  • Because Santa’s ERP and CRM systems are fully-integrated, he receives real-time notifications from every department that keep him out of the red. With the exception of that snazzy suit of course.
  • Integrated ERP and CRM helps the workshop floor hum and make sure a world of custom requests get to all the right children.
  • Finance keeps the team happy, the supply chain flowing, and bells jingling since the integration of Santa’s favorite ERP and CRM.
  • Real-time access to all the data they need whenever they need it on the device of their choice keeps the elve’s jolly all year round.
  • And last but certainly not least, with a fully-integrated software system, updating the naughty and list is a piece of cake.

Everybody knows the North Pole is full of magic. But did you know you can get your hands on your own little bit of magic right here with Commercient Sync? If you would like to learn more about integrating your ERP and CRM software and streamlining your own business processes ( just like Santa!) get in touch with one of our sales reps today.

Fill your sales reps stocking’s with Commercient Sync this year!