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Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, boosting sales while also cutting high costs are always an endeavor. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to save money, you just have to know where to make changes that will help you cut costs and boost sales for your business. Here are 4 low-cost ways to boost sales for your business in Quarter 3.

Invest In Cost-Saving Small Business Apps

Nowadays, there are plenty of cost-saving apps that will help you save time and money in Q3. For example, once upon time, businesses had to store all their data on physical servers, a practice that requires a significant amount of money and also IT specialists. But this is no longer the case.

Thanks to the cloud and cloud-based apps, you can now store and maintain your data remotely. This allows you to do business anywhere and at any time. Also, with cloud-based applications like our popular Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse data integration apps, you don’t have to worry about upgrading-related costs, or the costs you would incur due to system failures or natural disasters because your data is stored, maintained, and backed up remotely.

Use Social Media Advertising

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to build a social media campaign, because marketing on social media platforms is inexpensive, targeted, extremely effective, and will help you boost sales. If your business offers items or services for sale, can create campaigns around that.

In addition, most social sites know a lot about their users, and you can use that data to learn more about your audience, increase brand awareness and exposure for your business, and attract more customers and prospects.

With Twitter, for example, you’ll be able to post information about your products and services and find out about your customers like we do on our Twitter page. You’ll be able learn what customers like about your company and how they feel about your brand. They can also provide your with their suggestions for improvement and let you know what their favorite products are and why. Having all this insight will help you make your business more successful and boost sales.

Ask Your Customers For Help (Referrals)

Another way you can help boost sales in Q3 is by encouraging your current customers to provide you with client referrals. For example, if you know that a client is satisfied and happy with your products, you can ask him or her to refer other clients who might also benefit from working with you.

You can also ask your satisfied customers for testimonials and then use those on your website or in sales emails and newsletters. You can also turn them into customer success stories. These will also help you to boost sales in Q3. If you have someone you’d like to refer to Commercient, check out our referral page. Also, check out some of our customer testimonials on the Commercient homepage.

Partner With Other Businesses

If you haven’t done so already, in Quarter 3 you can cut down on costs and boost sales by making connections with other businesses. By partnering with companies that offer complementary products or services to your own, you’ll be able to increase your sales activity and capture opportunities you may have not been exposed to more easily. See our partner page as an example.

Would you like to learn more about Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse, and how data integration can help boost your sales? Contact us today!

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