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Sports memorabilia has been around longer than most of us as it reportedly has been around since the first decades of the 20th Century. You can find Atlanta Braves merchandise anywhere from Etsy to Sotheby’s, from eBay to their official store

We all love owning mementos from the things that we love. We may love something deeply enough to want and buy merchandise. It’s one of the few things that connect all the hard-core fans. 

Music fans will collect vinyl, posters, and things connected to their favorite band or artist. Television fans will buy merchandise from their favorite shows, like a Richmond jersey from Ted Lasso or multiple direwolves from Game of Thrones. Readers collect different editions of their favorite books. And sports fans? They collect memorabilia and other kinds of merchandise.  

We love these things because they connect us with what we cherish or a memory that we hold fondly in our hearts. As human beings we thrive on memories of joyful times. Sports fans are not immune to that, and certainly not the Atlanta Braves fans! 

As an Atlanta-based company, Commercient is incredibly proud of the Braves for winning the World Series this year, and also for being one of our valued customers! We love them, and we love the merchandise as well.

And, just like with everything else, there are hierarchies. Signed objects are worth more than other items that aren’t. If it’s a “game-used” item (aka something that was used by someone either during practice or a game) it’s also worth a lot. If it’s something that is even slightly related to Babe Ruth then it’s worth the most.  

Winning teams are great for memorabilia, as is the case of the Atlanta Braves who just won the World Series this year. According to a tweet from Sportico’s Eben Novy-Williams, Fanatics sold more Braves merchandise in the first 30 minutes after the last out than any other World Series champion, which is quite impressive.

If you wanted to get something from the Braves, there is currently quite a lot available with plenty of variety. From classic items like baseball cards and championship autographs to a pen with dirt from the World Series infield inside. You could get a baseball jersey, shirt, or ball cap to show your allegiance or a bobblehead for your desk. There are plenty of options to choose from, even if the cost can sometimes be high.

But for a piece of a team, you love? It’s definitely worth it.