Salesforce & Commercient Help Allied Industrial Connect to Customers


Your customers are the most important part of any business. After all, if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business, do you? What is the correct way to go about a business? Thankfully that’s not a problem for Allied Industrial Sales Inc. They were founded on the principle that service is key to success. With the help of Commercient and Salesforce they managed to find their footing and improve on an already successful venture. 

Allied Industrial Sales Inc. was founded back in 1999, and 75 years of combined experience. Their sales team has the expertise to make your project successful from start to finish. They are a leading industrial supplier of pipes, valves, fittings, tubing, tube fittings, and other instrumentation products. Their bottom line is simple, your success is their success. 

They have a commitment to service and their customers. Sometimes that means things have to change, and most of the time, that means an upgrade. In this case, it’s an upgrade of their sales systems. After a research period, they decided to implement Salesforce to modernize their sales processes. They will also get a more comprehensive look at their outside and inside sales, customers, and other important details. 

The Salesforce of it all

James Helms, the Operations and IT Manager for Allied Industrial Sales, called Salesforce “one of the best tools we’ve ever implemented.” After all, they no longer have to fear human error when they are updating their systems. As good as anyone can be, there’s still the possibility of error — after all, we are human, and we make mistakes. We might write a number wrong or forget to include something. There was a lack of accountability that was holding them back from reaching their potential. 

Thanks to Salesforce’s reporting features, Helms explained that “it gave us a very good understanding of what our company was doing. How we need to focus our efforts, and with which customers we need to do that.”

But with their improvement in one area, they noticed another falling behind. The team at Allied Industrial Sales knew they needed Sage 50 data integrated with Salesforce to automate their sales process and make the connection between inside sales, outside sales, and their customers nearly seamless. They chose Commercient to accomplish that goal.

Commercient is the #1 data integration platform for sales, and Helms referred to it as “the most rounded product as far as I could tell from my evaluation time.

Commercient Helps to Free Allied Industrial Sales’ Data

So Commercient it was. 

Thanks to Commercient’s one-way SYNC Allied Industrial Sales has a 360-degree view of sales. They can access any Sage 50 information directly from Salesforce, from customer information, sales history, invoices, serial numbers, salesperson’s name, multiple bill to and ship to addresses, and much more. And that’s not the only benefit that they found. 

With SYNC’d quotes and invoices, the team could see if there is a deficit between the quote and the actual purchase. “We can analyze the data, and see if we’re missing out on these products consistently,” said James Helms. “Why did we sell this group of items, but not this one? That’s been a huge benefit.”

And their salespeople are more incentivized to close more deals because they have the tools necessary without having to resort to asking another team member for it. Helms clarifies they’re more apt to make it better commission because they have data available for them in real-time. Which is not only a time-saver but also a sales-saver. They can close the sale without losing valuable time or the client’s interest. 

Helms even pointed out how Commercient goes the extra mile to help out. “If I said, ‘This is how I want it to work.’ There were no questions about how to achieve that, Commercient’s developers did it. And it was amazing to see that happen.”

The story has a happy ending as Allied Industrial Inc. was delighted with Salesforce and Commmercient and now had the tools at their disposal to truly make your success into their success.