Salesforce Announces Winter ‘16 Is Live!

Salesforce announced today that the Winter ‘16 release is officially live! According to the announcement “With more than 150 new and improved features, you can now create 1-to-1 customer experiences, sell smarter, and go faster than ever before. Get ready for a new kind of customer success.”

Winter ‘16 proudly debuts with 150+ new and improved features and over 70 IdeaExchange features. As an AppExchange partner, there are a few new features in particular we here at Commercient are extra-excited about regarding the release of Winter ‘16:

  • SOS Video Chat And Screen Sharing On Mobile – Service Cloud mobile support is now available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Users can interact with live support representatives, participate in screen sharing, and participate in 2-way video chats to ensure cases are resolved.


  • Warn Users About Duplicate Records – Salesforce recently released a new Duplicate Management feature and several enhancements have been made since then. The default behavior on mobile devices now is to alert users about duplicate data as it is being entered. This improves data quality, speeds up data entry, and perhaps most importantly, ensures the accuracy of the data available when talking to clients.



To learn more about Salesforce Winter ‘16 we suggest reading the Release Notes and checking out this helpful video from Salesforce.

If you’re curious about how Salesforce and Commercient’s SYNC tool work together, contact us today to learn more!