Salesforce and Commercient Help Spectronics Move Forward

Salesforce and Commercient Help Spectronics Move Forward

The world evolves and our technology has to evolve with it. Things have changed so much in the last few years that sometimes we forget to sit back and just go, “Wow!” The fact that UV lamps and radiometers could be used to verify the structural integrity of aircraft may seem like science fiction, but that is exactly what Spectronics does. Not only that, but their Spectroline fluorescent dyes are used to check for fluid leaks in power plants, nuclear reactors, oil pipelines, and industrial facilities worldwide. Pretty incredible right? Even more, Salesforce and Infor integration by Commercient SYNC could help move their company forward.

Spectronics, founded in 1955 by Bill and Morris Cooper, is credited with inventing incredible advances like fluorescent leak-detection systems and black light counterfeit currency detectors. They also invented the world’s first-ever universal ultraviolet cell phone sanitizer. So it’s easy to say that they have been cutting edge since the beginning. They also have a lot of nerd cred as their Spectroline UV magnifier was used by the Mulder and Scully. That’s right their product was used to perform an alien autopsy on The X-Files. Another of their products also showed up in CSI: New York

Unfortunately, their sales system and processes had fallen behind and both needed to be modernized. The team realized that relying on email wasn’t working, since sometimes important messages were missed. “There was less accountability. So missing an email as a lead or a sales order, we were sometimes missing $50,000 to $100,000 orders,” explained Joseph Noonan, MIS. “So we leveraged Salesforce to give us more visibility and more accountability.” 

Journey to Commercient 

While it was a great step forward to embrace Salesforce, there were still some issues. The sales team needed visibility of customer information, inventory data, and everything else from their accounting system (ERP), Infor VISUAL. How could they get that information into Salesforce? Their research directed them to Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. 

Thanks to Commercient, the sales team now had access to important data in Infor VISUAL in Salesforce, including Customer Accounting Records, Sales Order History, Invoicing Information, Serial Numbers, Bill To and Ship To Addresses, and much more. SYNCing their ERP and CRM was the right choice for their business, as they actually saw an increase in their profit margins. According to Noonan, they’ve seen an improvement of 3% to 4% in their profit margins.

This made Spectronics as happy as Mulder when finding alien artifacts. When the sales reps are on the road, they can log into Salesforce on their smartphone or laptop, and thanks to Commercient, check the customer’s order, and payment history, and even know a product’s availability.

This makes it a lot easier for them, as Noonan explains, “Rather than our sales reps having to call back to the office, they have visibility to see inventory levels via SYNC, and can say to the customer, ‘We have a thousand of these stock.’”

They can use the SYNC’d Infor VISUAL data to help forecast their sales. “Being able to see data more visibly, through analytics and dashboards, just makes it easier to say, ‘Okay this is where the trend is going,’” said Noonan. “‘What products did the customers purchase? What products become more of a best seller?’ So we can anticipate better with our forecasts.”  

By updating their sales system with Salesforce, and giving their sales team important Infor VISUAL data thanks to Commercient SYNC, the company achieved its goal of modernizing and streamlining its overall processes.