Salesforce and Commercient Give RC Imaging a New View

Salesforce and Commercient Give RC Imaging a New View

Radiology is an important field of study — after all, we’re not like Superman, we don’t have x-ray vision. So we needed a way to be able to see what was wrong inside our bodies. That’s what radiology is for — it saves lives just as much as Superman does. When it comes to the equipment radiology needs, there’s a company that is always there for you, RC Imaging. And along with Salesforce Professional and Sage 50US data integration solution from Commercient, they’re ready to modernize and evolve so they can continue helping people. 

RC Imaging was originally Rochester Cassette Repair Center and was founded by Harry Bostley in 1991. He was a former technical sales representative who had worked at Eastman Kodak Company. Bostley had recognized the need for ID Cameras and cassette repair, so he established a small family business. That small business is now known as RC Imaging when son Eric took over, and its prestige remained while its customer list grew.  

Over the years they have built their reputation on personalized customer service and meticulous craftsmanship, as all their products are crafted in-house in their New York headquarters. With such a focus on customer service, the company had to modernize in order to be able to fully be able to bring the best service.

In this case that meant implementing Salesforce Professional, the top cloud-based CRM in the world. In addition to modernizing their sales processes, it also helped the sales team at RC Imaging improve their management of opportunities, customers, leads, etc. 

A Full View

But there was still a problem. They didn’t have an easy way of accessing their Sage 50 data and their first attempt at a connector ended up being a bit rich for their taste. So the search had to continue. They aimed to find something that would work and wouldn’t break the bank. That’s when they found Commercient, the #1 data integration platform for sales. 

This was a big change for their company, as it allowed for new accounts and sales orders created in Salesforce Professional to be SYNC’d to Sage 50. Something that saves the sales team quite a bit of time and as a plus manages to avoid double data entry across both platforms, along with preventing any human errors that might arise. 

“Having a reliable data SYNC between Salesforce and Sage 50 has helped our sales team to be more efficient,” explained Kim Manuel, Business Office Manager at RC Imaging.

The future is looking bright for RC IMaging as they will continue to enhance their SYNC in a way that will give them access to a complete picture of sales, marketing, and customers. This means they will be able to give greater care and time to their customers. A long way from the basement they started in.