How To Reduce The Stress Of Your Salespeople

There is a long list of stress triggering factors in the life of a salesperson. Everyday your salespeople may be under a lot of pressure to meet quotas, convert quickly, and keep approval rankings high. In short, your salespeople may be put into many situations that create a highly stressful environment. According to Fairleigh Dickenson University, 75% of people report being stressed on the job.

So, what can you do to lower the amount of stress of your salespeople? Here are a few simple and effective techniques you can use.

Empower Your Salespeople

What efforts are you making to empower your salespeople? The amount of energy you put  towards empowering your salespeople will determine the level of commitment you have. For instance, you can empower your salespeople by using positive messaging. According to Total Wellness, if you impart positivity in your words and communications, “you’ll be able to foster positive emotions from your employees in regards to wellness. Positive messaging provides the groundwork for a positive outlook on any health journey.” So, giving a kind and positive word or a compliment, you can help in assisting someone struggling with stress to develop a more positive mindset, and provide a small bright spot in the midst of their stress.

Invest In Cloud-Based Technologies

If you haven’t invested in cloud-based technologies yet, we highly recommend you invest now. Cloud-based technologies like Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse allow salespeople to do their jobs effectively without being tied to a desk, office, or specific device. Kendra Von Esh,  executive strategic advisor at Coupa, a cloud-based spend management software company, says companies should “outsource the stressful parts of IT because hosting hardware, managed services and SaaS solutions can help take the stress off of you and your staff and put it somewhere better, faster and cheaper.” She says that you should focus instead on “revenue generating activities and how you can turn your organization into a profit center rather than a cost center.”

Allow Flexible Work Schedules

When you allow your employees to set their own schedules, you’ll make their lives much easier. According to Simon Slade of CMSWire, “in regular feedback from staff, employees describe the freedom to set their own hours as an important factor in their overall job satisfaction. They can achieve a better work-life balance with their personal schedule, and also feel more respected and trusted by the company.”

Make the technology of the cloud your best ally. With apps like Commercient SYNC, your salespeople won’t have to be in front of their desktop computer to access critical data from leads and clients; instead, they’ll be able to see that info from their mobile devices. This helps them to increase efficiency, feel more productive, close more deals, and provide better customer experience.

Create A Fun And Social Environment

Every company has extra-stressful deadline days, and one of the best ways to reduce the office stress and boost employee morale is by creating a fun and social environment. For example, you can help your salespeople get to know each other in a non-stressful capacity by offering an occasional company outing, or by trying some team-building exercises. Ultimately, this will help to re-energize the team, improve communication, and create a lasting bond among team members – they will feel like they have someone to go to when feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.

Want to reduce the stress of your salespeople by integrating your CRM and ERP, or connecting your ERP to the Internet? Then, Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse are waiting for you. Contact us at Commercient today.