Rebuild, Repair, Recondition, Retool: Valley Grinding & Manufacturing

Valley Grinding Manufacturing

Those are the words that represent Valley Grinding & Manufacturing. The company is a premium supplier and manufacturer of Industrial Blades and Knives, having opened its doors in 1987. They offer precision match grinding, sharpening, and super-finishing services. Promising to provide the highest quality, customized grinding, sharpening, manufacturing, and on-site consulting for high-speed, precision industrial cutting performance.

This means the company is committed to giving you the highest quality and best service they can offer. More bang for your buck. Valley Grinding & Manufacturing also has the distinct advantage of being woman-owned. They are after all a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the United States Small Business Administration, which allows Valley Grinding to receive specific contracts for certified WOSBs. 

And for that to succeed in the way they want it to, they have to work like a well-oiled machine. That meant they needed a much more powerful CRM than the one they already had. That CRM is Salesforce, a more robust, powerful, and cloud-based solution. It can help manage emails, quotes, call logs, historical data, and more. Plus the Salesforce Inbox feature and integration with Outlook made it a great sell for the company. 

But they were still missing one final part of the equation, something that would allow their sales team to have the full view of marketing and sales, all while increasing their Salesforce adoption. And so they chose Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, to integrate key data from Epicor 10 and Salesforce. 

“The SYNC data integration allows our sales team to be successful in Salesforce,” observed TJ Utschig, President of Valley Grinding.

But what does it do exactly? It means that both the outside and inside sales teams can access the Epicor 10 data directly in Salesforce. Anything from customer information to sales history, invoicing and serial numbers invoiced, terms, and even who it was that had made the sale. Among many other things. Even new accounts and quotes created in Salesforce were SYNC’d to Epicor 10. 

“We were afraid we couldn’t sync Epicor 10 to Salesforce. We were skeptical because it’s a lot of data, but Commercient SYNC worked very well,” said TJ Utschig. “We’ve been through two phases of SYNC, and we haven’t had any issues, no crashing, and no barriers. It’s been good.”

No matter the amount of data, Commercient SYNC is here for you. This is exactly what Valley Grinding discovered. It’s something that makes their company better and helps them succeed and reach their goals.