QuickBooks Desktop Changes: Is it Being Discontinued?

QuickBooks Desktop

The rumor mill is abuzz, and speculation about the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop products is widespread. Here at Commercient, we aim to sort the rumors from the facts. While QuickBooks is making some changes announced on its website, they do not indicate that they are sunsetting its Desktop product

Some changes that have been announced are:

  • Changing from 32 to 64 bit
  • Discontinuing payroll and multi-currency features in outdated/older versions
  • Newer versions of QuickBooks enterprise will no longer support the Linux Database Manager

But, none of these changes result in the discontinuation of the product.

Changing to 64 Bit

Changing to 64-bit is just a new way that the software is programmed. New is good. New suggests a future. And this change made the program considerably faster. Why would Intuit invest in enhancements for a product they were sunsetting?

Payroll and Multi-Currency

Discontinuing the payroll and multi-currency in old versions is not a new thing. This happens often. As new products come out, it becomes more and more cumbersome to maintain these features in old versions. They aren’t getting rid of these features, they are just encouraging customers who need them to upgrade to a newer version where they are supported.Customer Experience Costs.

Linux Database

A Linux database refers to any database built specifically for the Linux operating system. So, this statement is just that one operating system will no longer be compatible with one version of QuickBooks. I have great news! There are other operating systems! This is hardly a deal breaker, rather just, again, an enhancement in the QuickBooks product that no longer lends itself to Linux database compatibility.

In short, we do not believe QuickBooks Desktop users have anything to worry about. Also, while many integration companies are dropping the QuickBooks Desktop integration from their product list, we are here to stay and welcome all QuickBooks Desktop 64-bit integrations. In fact, we are expanding our QuickBooks Desktop service options. We are ready to integrate your QuickBooks Desktop with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, or many eCommerce platforms. Come SYNC with us!

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