Commercient SYNC Designed to Integrate with Epicor ERP Software and Salesforce

Enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Combining your Epicor ERP data with your Salesforce data is a quick and cost-effective way to ensure your operations are running at their best while improving the visibility between your sales, customer service, and back office teams. Back-of-house, your Epicor system is hard at work, managing your inventory and resources, scheduling work orders, consolidating your finances and much more. Meanwhile, your sales and customer service teams can monitor and provide real-time feedback through Salesforce.

Thanks to SYNC, your sales and customer service teams can enjoy a birds-eye view of your entire business. They are able to check the progress and status of Epicor jobs, resources required to fulfil an order, work center details, financial information, and stock levels. Your sales team can also close new business and automatically convert that new sale to Epicor in the form of a Sales Order, a Job or a new product with a BOM. Saving them precious hours and increasing team efficiency.

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“Commercient’s solution works as advertised, I buy a lot of software, I have a lot of projects, and I deal with a lot of vendors, and so far Commercient’s SYNC has responded on every aspect, there’s no issue I can think of where it hasn’t worked like I thought it would.”

– Gene Horlander

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19 reviews for SYNC Integration for Epicor and Salesforce

  1. Commercient

    Excellent Product and Service

    Prior to finding Commercient our company relied heavily on user action and memory to move our sales team forward. With the help of Commercient we have successfully automated our sales process making the connection between inside sales, outside sales, and our customers nearly seamless.

    With Commercient we are synchronizing our ERP Data twice daily allowing our Outside Sales Team to have real-time data to make strategic calls with key customers to help close more opportunities and drive revenue upwards. In addition to synchronizing opportunities, we have successfully utilized Commercient and their knowledgable Salesforce Engineers to import and organize Accounts, Contacts, Products, and Opportunities and ensure that they are all properly associated with one another.

    We would highly recommend Commercient to anyone looking to automate their business and sales processes.

  2. Commercient

    SAP B1 Sync

    We wouldn’t have rolled out Salesforce if we couldn’t have used our existing data in SAP Business One ERP.

    Thankfully the Commercient service has allowed us to automatically sync all our existing Business Partners and Contacts, and keep the data updated. The bi-directional sync option also allows our sales and support team to enter new contacts and accounts into SF which then import into SAP to ensure our data is consistent across platforms.

    As a distributor of serialized hardware items, I also have had all these sold items synced over to Asset objects in SF which allows our customer service and support teams full visibility of a customers serial items for installation and warranty purposes.

    The Commercient team are very responsive to my questions and with any troubleshooting.

  3. Commercient

    ERP to CRM 2 Way Integration

    We have been using the Commercient sync agent for 2 way integration between Sage 100 and Salesforce for about 1 year and I couldn’t be more pleased with both the performance of the sync agent and the support team. Raphael and the other support personnel are extremely responsive and thorough in supporting us and I would highly recommend this product.

  4. Commercient

    Quality Service, Helpful Product

    Commercient was a recommended vendor by Salesforce. We decided to go with their services because they were very personable and seemed organized and professional. Their program allowed us to sync our local sap system to Salesforce, which allowed that information to be easily accessible by our entire team from the cloud. We’re very happy with the solution because it has allowed us to do a lot more with our data.

  5. Commercient

    RC Imaging

    Our service has been outstanding since we implemented Commercient. They are always willing to help and stay on the call until it is resolved.

  6. Commercient

    Sage to Salesforce

    We use the Commercient sync from Sage ERP to Salesforce and are very happy with the results. Commercient’s implementation team worked with ours to ensure our requirements were understood then took care of the rest of the process themselves. After the sync, the support team was very helpful in making adjustments to the sync as requested in a timely manner. This sync will help us to leverage Salesforce and our ERP data to ensure our reps have what they need to succeed!

  7. Commercient

    Great ERP Integration Tool

    Great product and great customer service . Help is always there if you ever need it.

  8. Commercient

    Great Product

    Great Product and great service. the people at commercient go out of the way to make sure you are up and running correctly.

  9. Commercient

    ERP to SF

    We have been up and running with Commercient sync from our ERP to CRM for a few months now. The sync data transfer has been essential for us to elevate the data that we had into usable, actionable information. Implementation was straightforward, fast, and relatively hands off for the end-user. Commercient’s Technical team did most of the heavy lifting. We are very happy that we chose the affordable, reliable services offered by Commercient. We explored alternatives but this clearly became the right choice. I hope this review helps give you the confidence to move forward with Commercient.

  10. Commercient

    We recently switched from Ebridge to Commercient and are happy with the change

    Having a reliable 2 way sync has helped our sales team be more efficient

  11. Commercient

    Very useful, make it easy to have a 360C view of customers!

    We are using an ERP that is definitely not the most well known, especially in Canada. On top of that we changed ERP just a couple months after implementing Commercient Sync.
    Their team was always available and the switch went seamlessly.

    They have a great customer support, with very fast response time. it’s easy to use the synced information in reports and dashboard, or to make them available to user on objects.
    We are very satisfied and will be implementing the bi-directional sync from and to ERP/Salesforce in a few weeks.

  12. Commercient

    Reliable sync of our Sage 300 data, great support

    We’ve been using Commercient since we started with Salesforce and it has worked seamlessly. We received a through training on the setup at the start and we have had only a few interactions with support when I had questions as our Salesforce Administrator, since the sync just works. When I did interact with Commercient support, the response was timely and helpful. Definitely would recommend if you are looking for a reliable no-issues way to connect your Sage300/Accpac data with Salesforce.

  13. Commercient

    Very impressed

    We are impressed with the customization we have access to with Commercient. They are willing to help with any request

  14. Commercient

    JDEdwards integration using Commercient Sync

    We engaged Commercient for their Sync capability to support our JD Edwards system. We utilized Sync to synchronize Account, Sales, and Product records to Salesforce. We also use their feature that supports exporting records that can be imported into JDE. They synch from JDE to Salesforce is a managed package. You work with Commercient to define exactly what data you want brought into Salesforce via a query definition. These records are then created and maintained in Salesforce.

    The export is somewhat more complicated to design, but the interface once built is straight forward creating export CSV files from Salesforce that can be used for importing into the JD Edwards system via additional software development on the JDE system. We created Account and Quote exports for our system.

    I don’t want to downplay the complexity in some of these design integration activities, but Commercient was a great partner who worked patiently with us to get our system functioning properly. Once you have both sets of these features setup you have the technical basis needed to support 2 way round trip synchronization between these systems.

  15. Commercient

    Even for highly customized ERPs

    We have quite a customized instance of IFS (; just to be clear, NOT InfusionSoft), and through only a few meetings and calls, Commercient has successfully established a multi-threaded synchronization of mutliple tables from IFS to Salesforce.

    Their support team is quick to reply and make themselves available for calls if required.

    We will be starting a second phase with them very soon, to establish a bi-directional sync between the two systems.

  16. Commercient

    ERP Sync

    We used Commercient to do our Sage 50 sync and the support from their team, especially Patricia has been excellent. Great product and service!

  17. Commercient

    Infor Visual and Salesforce

    Commercient has been extremely reliable and makes the syncing between our ERP, Visual, and Salesforce. Tech support has been exceptional and responds quickly to our needs. Highly recommended.

  18. Commercient

    Salesforce Admin.-Great Product!

    I would highly recommend this product. Our Sage 100 data is now fully integrated with Salesforce. Commercient has a very good response time and they get the job done.

  19. Commercient

    EPICOR to Salesforce

    I have worked with other companies that provide integration with Salesforce, in the past. To me, the best part about Commercient is reasonable pricing, yet quality customer support! They don’t argue about what can’t be done, they just make it happen! Highly satisfied with the end results.

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