Purchase the core Commercient Platform online - for self-guided technical teams

Get started with the Platform license. This is an integration toolset approach for technical teams wanting to configure the integration on their own. The Commercient Guided Implementation (CGI) will take you step by step through your implementation to get you connected with your CRM and your ERP system. With the platform you can add syncs in either direction with your ERP and CRM/eCommerce (e.g. add new orders to the ERP, add a customer to the ERP, add customers to the CRM). You can choose from numerous pre-made integration templates for each of your transactions. Each sync you configure is elastic in its billing nature which means you can set up as many or as few integrations that you wish and you only pay for what you use. At the time of this publishing individual transactions are priced at $29/month, bundles can be purchased at lower per unit prices. Commercient support is here to help whenever you require. You can adjust the sync frequency anywhere from once a day to near real-time (your online order includes a free 90-day trial of the near real-time sync for those wanting a sync frequency above two times a day). If you prefer to have someone set up Commercient with you, you can opt for this at any time by contacting our sales or support team. The Master Subscription Agreement governs your Commercient service and can be found online at terms and conditions.