Commercient SYNC Integration for CMIC and Amazon Seller Central

CMIC and Amazon Seller Central Integration Explained

Commercient SYNC is an app for companies to sync their data so that they can make the most out of their Amazon Seller Central shopping cart as a B2B or B2C shopping cart. By using Commercient SYNC, data that belongs to products can be imported into Amazon Seller Central online shopping. This will provide your business with useful information about your store’s performance and inventory levels. SYNC allows data to flow bi-directionally, which improves functions between your front and back-office teams. By integrating CMIC with Amazon Seller Central, customers will have a better experience shopping in your store and get the most out of Amazon Seller Central.

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“Commercient’s solution works as advertised, I buy a lot of software, I have a lot of projects, and I deal with a lot of vendors, and so far Commercient’s SYNC has responded on every aspect, there’s no issue I can think of where it hasn’t worked like I thought it would.”

– Gene Horlander

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