Problems You’ll Avoid With An Integrated Payment Processing Solution

Payment Processing Solution

Problems will always exist in the business world, and one of biggest issues facing businesses today is integration. Do you integrate your CRM with your ERP? Or, should you integrate a payments processing solution with your ERP system? These are questions that you may be asking. In this blog, we’ll help you understand some of the problems you can avoid with an integrated payment processing solution, so you can make the right decision for your business.

Manual Entry of Credit Cards and Payments

Without an integrated payment processing solution, your employees could be stuck having to manually enter credit card information and other electronic payments into your accounting software. This can be a tedious and tiring process as your business grows.

The manual entry and reconciliation of payments is cumbersome and increases the possibility for error. It is inefficient, and causes you to waste valuable time and energy on the entry of redundant data into multiple systems.

Fortunately you can avoid this problem by investing in an integrated payment processing solution like Sync2Pay. It gives you the ability to take quicker payments in your ERP, CRM, or eCommerce system.

Spending More Time Correcting Errors

When you don’t integrate your payment processing, there’s a higher chance of making mistakes, which can leave you spending hours reconciling books due to an accounting error.

Additionally, you’ll spend more time correcting errors caused by duplicate payments, and chasing down payments that were wrongly made and charged in duplicate. This can leave you with frustrated customers as a result of overbilling, not having a payment properly attributed against their account, or erroneous tax reporting.

With an integrated payment processing solution like Sync2Pay, since everything is automated, you’ll be free to focus other areas of your business.

Spending More Time Training Your Employees To Process Payments

If you don’t leverage an integrated payment processing solution, you’ll need to have an accounts receivable employee on payroll or pay an accountant. And, that’s not all. You’ll incur the costs associated with training employees to process payments, as staff training time will be increased because there is more than one system to use.

However, by integrating a payment processing solution such as Sync2Pay into your ERP, CRM or eCommerce system, you can spend less time on training employees because the entire process becomes less complicated and easier to learn. Sync2Pay allows you to easily accepts payments, and provides you with credit card service inside CRM and ERP you’re looking for.

Greater Risk Of Counterfeit Fraud or Data Breach

Data security is a huge priority, regardless of how payments are conducted, and without an integrated payment processing solution, your data could be a greater risk of fraud and of a data breach. Fortunately though, the best integrated payment solution puts you at a lesser risk of fraud or of a data breach.

Our Sync2Pay app, for example, enables you to process payments against invoices, orders, and customers from any software package in the Cloud. It is there your data is kept safe from theft, loss, and natural disasters.

For more information about our Sync2Pay app, check out our Sync2Pay integrations page.


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