Overcome 3 Major Challenges Businesses Face With Integrating Apps

It’s safe to say that the days of running a business with one of two business applications are over. Nowadays, companies are using multiple apps to accomplish their day-to-day tasks and to improve the customer experience. However, leveraging multiple apps can bring many challenges, especially regarding integration.

According to this recent report, “on average, organizations are using 1,020 individual applications across their business.” And despite that huge number, a relatively small number (29%) are integrated or connected together. In fact, the report showed that 89% of companies are suffering from integration challenges with new technologies and solutions.

In this blog, we’ll look at three major challenges businesses face in integrating apps, and show you how you can overcome them.


One of the greatest challenges businesses face when integrating their business applications is cost. Connecting different applications and finding the resources it would take to actually make it happen often seems out of reach for teams with limited resources.

The good news is that you can overcome the cost barrier by leveraging integration apps like Commericent SYNC and IoT Pulse. Both are affordable, out-of-the box integration apps that allow you to pay per user / per month – and there are no hidden or surprising costs.

Commercient SYNC allows you to integrate your ERP and CRM systems, giving your business a 360-degree view of sales and marketing. IoT Pulse will connect many of your apps, such as eCommerce and email, with your ERP to help you automate processes. So, whether you have limited resources or not, Commercient can help you achieve your integration needs.


Another challenge that businesses face today in integrating their business apps is complexity. Many integration solutions can quickly become complex because they deal with multiple applications, data formats, channels, routing and transformation. You can avoid this complexity by leveraging Commercient IoT Pulse. It serves to simplify the integration process so that you can use the power of APIs with your ERP by connecting it to thousands of Internet apps.

To see more about how IoT Pulse can help you overcome your integration challenges, check out our IoT Pulse page.

Lack of Cooperation From Stakeholders

Lack of cooperation from stakeholders is an important factor that prevents an integration project from being successful. The key to dealing with this challenge is to make sure everyone understands the technology involved in the integration process. They can then find the relevance to their respective fields.

This is why discussions throughout the execution of the project is important, and establishing the most effective channels for sharing information. Quality training is also very important.

With all of our integration apps at Commercient, we’re always glad to help our customers understand how each application works, and get the most out of their integration project.

Want to know more about all the integration apps we have to offer to help overcome all your integration challenges? Contact us today.

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