Offer a Stellar Customer Experience With a Salesforce Integration

It’s no secret that customers’ expectations have changed. They’re far more informed, engaged and demanding with brands and businesses than ever before. Now with social media and other marketing channels available, they can get in touch with a business to acquire products and services they need.

With the ease of shopping online, plus apps and other platforms that accept payments, customers are less willing to make extra efforts to buy or schedule services. According to Econsultancy, B2B buyers said they “want easier and faster checkout, easy repeat ordering, quicker delivery, and improved tracking.”

What does this mean for B2Bs (Business to Business)? First, eCommerce and online ordering or scheduling are no longer exclusive to B2C companies (Business to Customer). Optimizing buying experiences not only when they’re still leads, but when they become customers, is crucial if businesses wish to increase customer retention, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Return On Investment (ROI).

Second, it means vendors are not offering this kind of experience as often as customers would like.

In order to satisfy the modern customer’s expectations, here are some ways manufacturing and technical service companies can leverage a Salesforce and ERP integration:

Centralize Data

Businesses tend to underestimate the hassle it is for customers to seek support from an organization with scattered data. It takes time for your team to find information in multiple systems. They could also be digging through email chains in their inbox, which represents delays, neither of which your customer and business can afford.

With Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, the information in your ERP (we support over 85, including Sage 50, Sage 100, QuickBooks Online, Epicor, SYSPRO, etc.) is automatically SYNC’d to Salesforce. Therefore your Sales, Accounting, and Customer Service teams have access to the same data without double data entry or errors.

ERP data that’s SYNC’d to Salesforce includes customer information, sales history, invoicing, serial numbers invoiced, inventory, terms, multi ship to addresses, etc. New orders, accounts, opportunities, etc., created in Salesforce are SYNC’d to ERP.

Simplify Processes

Simple processes keeps customers happy. Whether they need to buy more units of certain parts, or schedule a recurring service, the easier your company makes it for them, the more satisfied they’re going to be. The result is they’ll more than likely they’ll continue doing business with you.

Think about eCommerce; it’s usually associated with consumer goods, and names such as Amazon, eBay and Apple come to mind. But what does it mean for B2B companies such as yours? Sana, an eCommerce SaaS solutions company, suggests the following:

  • 75% of B2B product purchases are already made online
  • Buyers want to make even more purchases online
  • One-third of B2B buyers would choose a vendor based on the ability to place, pay for, track and return orders online
  • 25% of buyers indicated that automation is going to change the B2B buying role in the next 5 years

Customers expect stores online to be intuitive, as more companies embrace the self-service model. Simplifying processes through eCommerce and other tactics is a secure path to follow.

For example, Hotsy Cleaning Systems SYNC’d Salesforce with their ERP system, Sage 100, and the positive results were quickly seen:

“With Salesforce we have been able to connect [Sage 100] with our CRM [through Commercient SYNC]. Our employees have greater access to data than previously and we can do more with that data.

“When the sales reps sell something, they’ll be able to scan it, import it into an order or work order, sync it through Commercient into our Sage system so that we’ll have the sales order in the system. They can take payment on it [at time of service].” – Patrick Foy, Technical Architect at Hotsy

Smart Analytics

Making decisions based on intuition may be one of the risks your business can’t afford to take. Easier access to key data within Salesforce or your Accounting system saves not only time, but lots of money. It can help managers and team members make informed decisions quickly.

There is no need to wait for quarterly or annual reports to know how your business is doing. With tools such as Commercient SYNC, you can have fast access to customer information, payments, inventory and much more. This is what happened to the manufacturing company Sentury Tire:

“I can now get reports from Sage 100 up-to-the-minute, and I can look into my reports once a day now.” This gives the team more information to make important decisions for sales.

A team of 4 would work, collectively, 8 hours a day on a specific task in Salesforce. With Commercient SYNC, as Hilton Cordero,Territory Manager, explained, “The same task is completed in about an hour from 1 person.” -Hilton Cordero, Territory Manager at Sentury Tire

Don’t be Afraid to Scale

Scaling a business is a big deal. Decisions need to be made, and there are people and budgets involved. It’s natural it creates more anxiety in CEO’s and Management, considering all the investments needed, the logistics, coordinating with other stakeholders and the team, etc.

Your team might feel anxious about the level of complexity in the new solutions acquired by the company. There are always changes that come with the new equipment, software, processes, and more.

That’s where the cloud comes in. With a level of complexity that’s significantly lower than ETL solutions, for example, the learning curve is lower and the adoption rate increases. Besides, cloud-based technology is flexible enough to expand or constrain when needed, which makes it easier to buy, implement and adjust according to the company’s needs. Commercient SYNC allows that: It will SYNC from Salesforce and the ERP only the information you need. As your business grows, you can scale SYNC up as needed.

Are you using Salesforce with a need to integrate it with your ERP and offer a stellar customer service? Contact us today for a demo.

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