Next Steps for a New Salesforce User

new Salesforce user

Are you a new Salesforce user looking for ways to get a higher return on investment with your new system? Here are a few steps you can take to get the most out of your Salesforce solution.


  1. Integrate Your ERP and CRM

Every new Salesforce user should consider accounting ERP and CRM integration. By integrating your Salesforce CRM and ERP systems, you will be able to streamline business processes and boost productivity. For instance, our SYNC data integration app allows you to integrate both your ERP and CRM data together by creating one master system for easy data access. Additionally, it keeps you up-to-date with changes made to your ERP and CRM system simultaneously. Our SYNC data integration app also helps to:

  • Provide you with a safe and secure environment for integrating the data between your ERP and CRM systems.
  • Keep all the users in your organization on the same page.
  • Enable your sales team to see inventory in real time, search customer records, and complete orders for a simpler and more efficient sales process.


  1. Take Credit Card Payments in Salesforce

Another great advantage is the ability to take credit card payments in Salesforce. At Commercient, we offer a payment processing solution, providing your business with credit card services inside Salesforce and your Accounting ERP. Our Sync2Pay solution provides more convenience for your customers, and special security features to prevent fraud. Check out the many benefits our Sync2Pay solution has to offer in our recent post, 5 Key Benefits of Using Sync2Pay to Credit Card Payments in Salesforce, or on our Sync2Pay page.


  1. Become a Commercient Partner

If you are a consultant struggling with losing deals to no-decision… Partner with us! Commercient is a Trusted Salesforce Partner, which means that every app to integrate your customer’s ERP with Salesforce will be developed by professionals with a full understanding of the system. And since customers can save up to 80% on integration costs, that can help you to win back more deals. Also, as our business’s Partner, you can benefit from strategic digital media interaction with Commercient, value content, joint webinars, joint press releases, be the first to find out about our newest apps and resources, and much more.


  1. Meet Us At Industry Events

If you’re new to Salesforce, you’ll definitely want to join us at Dreamforce every year. At the world’s largest software conference, you will also be able to participate in hands-on training where you’ll have the opportunity get Salesforce-certified, and gain knowledge and expand your expertise. You will also be able to meet and network with the Commercient team, and our Co-Founders Richard Jenkins and John Angove, about syncing CPQ, payments, etc., integrating your ERP and CRM systems. You can also learn about integrating 815 apps to your ERP with our IoT Pulse solution. If not Dreamforce, you can follow us on social media and check out the events we will attend. Also, you can sign up to our newsletter and stay tuned!


Want to know what else we can offer you as a new Salesforce user, call or email us.