NEW! Introducing Sage ERP Integration for Magento

We’ve been busy developing a surplus of new apps for a variety of products and we can’t wait to share them with you! First up: SYNC for Sage and Magento!

NEW! ERP Integration for Magento

Our new SYNC for Sage and Magento app makes it crazy simple to connect your Sage and Magento systems together and build your online store. The extension app gives you easy access to:

  • Your products
  • Inventory levels
  • Price levels
  • Customers and their addresses

All within the comfort of your Magento store.

Magento is a wildly popular eCommerce platform that makes it possible for store owners to sell from anywhere—mobile devices, an airplane, the side of a mountain—wherever your customer is the moment they decide to buy from you. But before Commercient’s SYNC for Sage and Magento eCommerce extension, there was no way to connect your ERP data with Magento.

Integrating your ERP data, like the information you keep in your Sage ERP system for example, with Magento allows you to display accurate inventory availability to your customers online all the time. Using SYNC for Sage and Magento you can immediately populate Magento with:

  • Your customers
  • Your products
  • Your inventory availability
  • Pricing

Cool, right? We certainly think so.

Get It While It’s Hot!

You can get your SYNC for Sage and Magento for a one-time setup cost of $99 right here in the Commercient Integrations eCommerce catalog or directly from the Magento Connect Store.

This includes:

  • Installation of the extension
  • Initial integration between Sage and Magento
  • Support during initial integration

In addition to the one-time setup fee, you can opt for a $99/month support fee that covers:

  • All support and bandwidth charges associated with maintaining the connection of your Magento server with Sage
  • Ongoing client support
  • Dedicated sales rep

The Sage ERP Integration for Magento is compatible with:

  • Sage 50 US
  • Sage 50 UK
  • Sage 50 Canada
  • Sage 100 ERP
  • Sage 100 Commerciale (France)
  • Sage 200 US
  • Sage 200 UK
  • Sage 300
  • Sage 500 Sage X3
  • Sage Line 100
  • Sage 1000
  • Magento 1.7-1.9
  • Magento Community Edition

I Don’t Use Sage, I have Another ERP System

Good news! We’ve got some more announcements coming soon including:

  • More ERP integrations for Magento
  • Additional surprises we can’t tell you about just yet

So stick around and check this space often. Your ERP integration for Magento might be up next. If you’d like to suggest or request a custom ERP integration for Magento, contact us now.