New App Release: SYNC for Xero and Salesforce

Our development team has been working hard to complete a fresh batch of Salesforce apps. Here by popular demand, we’re proud to release our newest app, SYNC for Xero and Salesforce.

New App! SYNC for Xero and Salesforce

Our SYNC for Xero and Salesforce app was developed for businesses who use Xero’s premiere online accounting software and want to connect their data with Salesforce. Commercient makes it easy for you to maintain the integrity of your accounting and CRM data by eliminating the risk of duplicate data entry.

Popular Features That Will Change the Way You Work

Commercient’s SYNC for Xero and Salesforce provides users with multiple connection options including:

  • A one way SYNC option that connects your Xero data with Salesforce
  • A one way SYNC option that imports your Salesforce data with Xero
  • A bidirectional SYNC option that will connect your Xero data with Salesforce and sync the information back to Xero

Businesses who use SYNC for Xero also have the option to have the data they integrate synchronized during the time-frame of their choosing. You can SYNC data once per day, four times per day, on a real-time basis or anywhere in between.  

Xero accounting software owners also find it beneficial that the standard Xero to Salesforce SYNC includes the transfer of:

  • Accounting data such as payment terms, credit limits, invoices, multiple ship to addresses, multiple bill to addresses, and account history
  • Sales order data
  • Invoice data

For a complete view of the the items you may SYNC between your Xero and Salesforce system, take a look at all available features on the two-way SYNC pricing page. The ability to connect all of your ERP and CRM data together within one master system simplifies the lives of sales reps by providing them with up-to-date product data to provide prospective clients and current customers.

Ready to Learn More?

Are you interested in learning more about the SYNC for Xero and Salesforce and everything it can do for your accounting and sales teams? Contact us today and request a free demo.