New App Release: SYNC for Workday and Salesforce

We’re thrilled to introduce our first new app of a brand new year: SYNC for Workday and Salesforce!

One System. One Goal.

Commercient has unified Workday and Salesforce to create a seamless system for premier business performance. With SYNC for Workday and Salesforce you can provide a unified sales, accounting, HR and planning system to your team.

By integrating Workday and Salesforce into one master system, we help you extend the comfort you’ve already grown accustomed to as a Workday customer and make using Salesforce that much easier.

Big Benefits

Commercient’s SYNC for Workday and Salesforce provides your sales and accounting teams with a comfortable system that simplifies the way they access sales order data, accounting data, and more.

  • SYNC for Workday and Salesforce enables you to view your Workday data natively in Salesforce. Data can be synced as often or as little as you like between the two systems with our custom plans.
  • SYNC for Workday and Salesforce helps your team achieve goals quickly and efficiently by providing team members with up-to-date information that allows them to deliver the responsiveness customers are looking for.
  • SYNC for Workday and Salesforce helps you foster great customer relationships through the data and process that you have designed in Workday that best accommodates your business.

Need more details?

Standard SYNC for Workday Details

Workday customers will find that our standard SYNC for Workday and Salesforce includes the integration of:

  • Accounting data
  • Sales order data
  • Invoice data

Commercient makes it possible for you to easily integrate things like customer payment terms and credit limits, sales order detail lines, and invoice history from Workday into your Salesforce system for easy access. For a complete view of the items you may SYNC between Workday and Salesforce, have a look at all available features on the two-way SYNC pricing page.

Ready For a Demo?

Are you interested in learning more about what SYNC for Workday and Salesforce can do specifically for your business? Contact us today and request a free demo!