New App Release: SYNC for Infor Syteline and Salesforce

Spring is the season for new babies, and we’d like to introduce you to our newest addition. Our development team has been busy creating a nifty new Salesforce app. We are proud to present you with our newest app, SYNC for Infor Syteline and Salesforce.

New App! SYNC for Infor Syteline and Salesforce

Utilizing Commercient SYNC to connect your Infor ERP data with your Salesforce CRM data is a great way to grow your business. Syncing these two systems together will allow you to benefit from the full functionality that both systems offer.

Here’s how we can help you.

Improve communication between sales and accounting departments. Improve customer satisfaction. Improve quality of service. Commercient’s standard SYNC for Infor and Salesforce includes the integration of:

  • Accounting data
  • Sales order data
  • Invoice data

What this means is that your team won’t have to spend their valuable time on manual data entry or trying to find sales orders and invoices. All of that information will be at their fingertips, ensuring that your company can concentrate on the bottom line.

Commercient SYNC is available for Infor LN, Infor Visual, Infor Adage, Infor Syteline, Infor Distribution FACTS, Infor Distribution SX.e, and Infor Distribution A+, Infor LN 6.1, Infor LN 10.3, Lawson, BPCS, Mapics, Lilly, VISUAL Mfg, NxTrend, JBA, Baan, fourthshift, and Minxware.

The SYNC for Infor and Salesforce app is licensed through the Salesforce AppExchange and works with Salesforce Group Edition (GE), Salesforce Professional Edition, Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Salesforce Lightning Professional, Salesforce Lightning Enterprise, and Salesforce Lightning Unlimited.

SYNC is also compatible with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud,, Wave Apps, Salesforce Mobile 1, Salesforce App Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Steelbrick, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash,, Pardot, Analytics Cloud, Sales Wave Analytics, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud Digital, Commerce Cloud Store, Chatter and Salesforce IoT Cloud.

Commercient’s specialty is developing apps that seamlessly connect your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with Salesforce CRM.

For a complete view of  the items you can SYNC between your Infor and Salesforce system, take a look at all available features on the two-way SYNC pricing page. The ability to connect all of your ERP and CRM data together within one master system simplifies the lives of sales reps by providing them with up-to-date product data to provide prospective clients and current customers.

Ready to Learn More?

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