Manufacturing Who’s Who At Dreamforce

By Raj Adhi

The Manufacturing Industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the largest economies of the world, and is expected to continue its exponential growth. The latest innovations in technology bring a slew of conveniences to the modern consumer, and manufacturers continue to look out for new and efficient production methods. However, recently, there has been a shift in thinking in smarter production techniques, and a commitment to distributor networks and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce, the world’s best CRM platform provides unique solutions in Sales and Service that are helping manufacturers stay ahead through this transformation in focus from products to people. Dreamforce provides the ideal environment for manufacturers to understand the latest Salesforce technologies that can bring crucial advantage to their business.

Manufacturing at Dreamforce

Technology can help make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. With production innovations growing and evolving every day, there has been unprecedented competition in manufacturing.

The emergence of new players in the manufacturing sector means each business is looking to beat the competition and stay on top. Startups are looking to make inroads, while older companies adopt new methodologies to remain relevant. What better way to do that than use the latest customer-centric technology such as Salesforce.

Manufacturers are using Salesforce with Commercient SYNC to integrate critical ERP data. This enables sales, marketing and customer service to improve client interactions.

Manufacturing Who’s Who at the Breakout and Keynotes Sessions

The gathering of manufacturing heavyweights and technology innovators at Dreamforce is the greatest formula for business success. Last year, global manufacturers like KONE, Michelin, and Emerson took to the stage to share how Salesforce helped them create better strategies. They also discussed how to foster long-term relationships with customers that go beyond the product.

Dreamforce has put together an exhaustive list of learning and interactive sessions, geared towards the manufacturing industry. These sessions will empower you with the latest innovation and expertise that will help you gain efficiency and mileage in the areas of customer retention. Some of the brightest minds in Manufacturing will be sharing their insights, knowledge and experiences that will open your eyes to a whole new idea of customer engagement.

Learn from the manufacturing who’s who, and create value for your own business. Don’t miss a visit to the Manufacturing Lodge (details at Dreamforce’s page), which provides the ideal platform for engagement with your peers, partners and Salesforce team. Understand the power of integration through real-life customer feedback, consultations and demos.

Find Inspiration from Prolific Speakers

Dreamforce features proficient speakers, industry experts, and leaders who talk about their business transformations through technology. These visionaries are set to inspire the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Innovation and expertise are the cornerstones of good business, and, the engaging presentations show you how to leverage Salesforce technology to grow your business in every sphere.

The impressive list of speakers includes names like the ever-inspiring Marc Benioff, Chairman, Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Salesforce; Jane Morgan; Global CIO at Unilever; Al Gore, Former Vice-President and Chairman of Generation Investment Management; and Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures.

How Commercient SYNC Can Help

With an impressive portfolio of clients and years of experience in sales and marketing integration technology, Commercient can help manufacturers manage both sales and customer data efficiently. Commercient SYNC integrates Salesforce with ERP systems, thereby offering users a 360-degree view of their sales.

By seamlessly connecting sales and accounting data using Commercient SYNC, manufacturers can guide their business in a whole new direction. Many of our customers have improved growth opportunities and profitability by using our integration software, and are happy to share their “success through transformation” stories with us. Such “smart” connectivity allows you to always put the customer first.

If you’re attending Dreamforce 2018, Salesforce’s premiere annual event, which takes place September 25 to 28, please visit us at the Commercient booth, #1954. We’ll be offering demos of our industry-leading integration apps, SYNC and IoT Pulse, plus our other apps like Sync2Pay and eCommerce solutions. Book your time here.