Keep Your Customers Happy By Integrating Your CRM and ERP


By Isaura Martinez

The use of CRM systems is expanding, also known as Customer Relationship Management. More companies have started to understand how important it is to effectively manage the relationships with current and potential customers, so business relationships survive and thrive in the long term.

With all the opportunities offered by a CRM system, using it only to save customers’ information and other data is limiting its potential. People and companies are exposed to an overwhelming amount of data, and the main point is not just to store all that info, but to know how to use it and get the best out of it. That’s why we’re seeing more tech solutions designed to manage effectively a company’s critical information: Apps in the Cloud, integrations, security, and others.  

Too often the importance of customer satisfaction and retention in a company’s success tend to be underrated. A research developed by Rockefeller Corporation states that almost 70% of customers stop buying from a certain business because, “they don’t care about us.” According to Accenture, 73% of clients surveyed expect an easier and more convenient customer care service, and 61% responded they wanted a faster service. Even 45% would be willing to pay more to ensure they’d received a better customer care.

So, how can integration apps help you to keep customers satisfied and happy to work with you? Here are some ideas:


Easy access to information

This is the information age. It’s important to have access to the data when you need it, in order to make decisions and, especially, when customers need it. If all the relevant data is scattered in different tools, computers, Excel spreadsheets and such, or in the computer of a staff member not present in the office at that time, it’s difficult to either retrieve that information or make sure it’s accurate and up to date. That lack of coordination generates serious problems with customers.

Besides CRM, one of the most relevant systems in this tech world are ERP. Also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, it is the integrated management of core business operations and processes. These include manufacturing, accounting, production, logistics, inventory management, human resources, and more.

Can you imagine all that information properly integrated with your CRM? You or your staff wouldn’t have to ask anyone present where the data is located. They’d be able to locate the information fast, and make it easier for everyone involved, including the customers! For example, Commercient’s SYNC app allows you to integrate all of your ERP and CRM data, store it safely in the Cloud, and be able to access it when you need it, even from mobile devices.


Better customer service

Not only your company or staff win with easy access to important information. The clear winner is your customer, whether they have been working with you for some time now, or are considering buying your products or hire your services. If the customer comes with questions, and all the data is properly integrated, your team will respond to those questions quickly and accurately.

On the other hand, if your team cannot easily and quickly answer questions such as available inventory, pending invoices, shipping, and others, the relationship with your customer will start failing, until they finally decide to stop working with you and go to the competition. Don’t let that happen. Think about how much it costs to acquire new customers, or to re-establish trust when the customer had a bad experience.

Customers need change frequently, so you can’t rely on their current needs alone to keep loyalty. Just because a certain customer has been working with you for years, don’t think they will always be willing to stay forever. With so many options in the market, keeping customers satisfied and happy is your best bet.



There’s legitimate hype when it comes to automation, due to its main strength: It saves time. Lots of it. Businesses of all sizes and industries are taking advantage of it, automating everything they can: Ecommerce, delivering physical or digital products to customers, payment information, customers follow-up, and more. And more operations are being added to the “automation list” everyday.

Although there’s a wide variety of automation tools, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and start using one, then two, and many more, until the purpose of “bringing order” is lost completely. And it becomes impossible to keep track of where everything is. That’s why it’s not about using just any tool, but to make sure of all them work well together, and integrations do that for you.

If the systems you use are integrated, the attention your customer receives will be more personalized, secure, and fast. Issues like lack of coordination between staff members or departments will be left behind as your company runs more efficiently.


If you have experienced loss of critical information, or even customers, due to lack of coordination, outdated data, delayed responses, and more, it is necessary to consider investing in integrations like SYNC that help your business to optimize processes, save employees’ time, and take care of your customers.

The big winner of an ERP and CRM integration investment is your customer. And with customers happy, your business will win as well. Do you want to learn more about how to integrate CRM, ERP and other apps? Ask us today, we’re here with answers.